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  • The World's Largest Single-aperture Radio Telescope—Amazing Steel Structure System

    Recently, the world's largest single-aperture 500m radio telescope has been completed in Guizhou. It is formed by 4450 reflection units with total area of 250,000 m², equivalent to 30 football fields. If analyzing this project according to building structure standard, it will undoubtedly be seen as a huge steel FAST system. Its ring beam, cable networks and six support Cabin towers are made of more than 10,000 tons of steel, aluminum reflector panels use up more than 2000 tons.

  • Sam and Pillai Visited PTH

    Sam and Pillai,the directors of Energreen Homes company from India arrived at Hangzhou, the marketing and R & D center of PTH on 30th June , 2016.

  • How to bulid a prefab house such as light?

    Everyone needs a dream house,as you know, sometimes you can do it by yourself.

  • PTH Provide Timely Help for the People of Ecuador After Earthquake

    The grade 7.8 earthquake happened in Ecuador on 16th April led to 600 deaths and over 8340 injured. Ecuador is located in the Pacific seismic belt, where volcanoes and earthquake happen a lot. The residential building with poor seismic performance is the main reason of such a huge loss this time.

  • Clients from Germany Visited PTH on 10th May

    It’s a great honour to have our client—Erwin visits here.And this client is from Germany and hope to reach cooperation on the camp on the dam side. This project covers an area of over 20,000 square feet.

  • Affordable Prefab House (Modular House)

    PTH serial container house is a kind of prefab house, consisting of light steel frame and thermal insulation material.

  • Jose, a Customer from South American Visit PTH

    On May 23, 2015, Mr Jose from Peru in South America and his translator Mr Hanmin visited the production base of PTH .Mr Jose and his team run a professional company evolved in plastic bags in Peru South America.......

  • The Military Cultural Construction of PTH in 2015

    In November 2015,PTH embraced a large number of outstanding sales and technical team. In order to strengthen the military cultural construction of PTH.

  • The New Year’s Resolution Meeting of PTH

    PTH held a new year’s resolutionmeeting on December 26, 2015. Employee from marketing department, R & D center and production department participated this meeting......

  • PTH Will Attend the Indonesia International Building Materials Exhibition

    PTH will participate the 2016 International Building Materials Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, organized by the Indonesian Debind-ITE exhibition company during May 25, to 29 2016, 2016. ......

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