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  • Can't Wait To See The Completion Of This Luxury Villa Project!

    Can't wait to see the completion of this luxury villa project!Punta Arenas, the provincial capital of Magellan and the Chilean Antarctic, one of the southernmost city in the world, and very honored to be able to build our project here, thanks for customers to choose Putian compa

  • Putian Together With You To Celebrate The Motherland 68th-anniversary Happy Birthday!

    “国庆”本指国家喜庆之事"National Day" refers to the celebration of the country在古代把皇帝即位或者诞辰成为“国庆”In ancient times, the emperor ascended the throne or birthday as a “national Day”而今天的国庆指的是And today’s National Day is formulated by a country’s legal holiday in honor of the nation itself.由一个国家指定的用来纪念国家本身的法定节日!1949年

  • Container hotel, your new choice

    The hotel industry is a mainstay industry in the tourism industry. Due to the scarcity of land resources and the rise of development cost, coupled with many restrictions on traditional industries, the traditional model can not meet the needs of the market. container hotel has changed the traditional

  • Hangzhou Zhongpu Architectural Technology Co.,Ltd Attended The 7th China Tourism Projects Investment Conference 2017

    “The 7th China Tourism Projects Investment Conference 2017” was held on September 8-9, 2017 , at the Hangzhou International Convention Center & Intercontinental Hotel, Hangzhou Zhongpu Architectural Technology Co.,Ltd attended in the exhibition.

  • Project:Light Steel Villa In India

    In June 2017, Zhejiang Putian housing intergarted company began to construct the light steel villa project for Mr.Thomas Kurian in India.

  • Customers from Saudi Arabia Visited Zhejiang Putian Housing intergrated

    The Customers from Saudi Arabia visited Zhejiang Putian Housing intergrated Company

  • PTH:Build a bridge of love for you

    Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

  • Showroom of Xianghu high-end resort project built by PTH

    2017 Putian to participate in the construction of Hangzhou Xianghu Bosen high-end resort project, Putian stand out from the other six competitors as it’s first-class quality, professional system, original house design.

  • The Famous Real Estate Developer Company From Argentina Visited PTH

    August 18, 2017, the Famous real estate developer company director Claudio come from Ushuaia, the city of southern Argentina. with his chief designer Sergio came to Hangzhou,Discuss the cooperation projects with Mr. Zhang Rutang who is the chairman of Zhejiang Putian Integrated Company.

  • Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Company team building activities-Tonglu one-day tour PTH

    Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co. Ltd. held the middle of 2017 team building activities for the employee.
    At 7 o'clock in the morning on August 12th,we went to Zhejiang Tonglu, get ready to start a two-hours of rafting.
    In the afternoon,we watched the town of DiPu

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