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How much does a prefab home cost?

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For people looking for an affordable, customizable home, a prefabricated home is an ideal choice. Prefabricated homes are pre-built in a factory, which greatly reduces construction costs and time. While the overall cost of a prefabricated home is influenced by many factors, by choosing the right prefabricated home manufacturer, you can get a beautiful and affordable custom prefabricated home.

The cost of a prefabricated home is not fixed and it varies depending on factors such as size, function, customization and Installation. But overall, prefabricated homes typically cost less than traditional stick-built homes, so they are a better option for people who may not be on a budget.

If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable home, a prefab home is a great option. In order to accurately estimate the cost of your prefabricated home, it is crucial to work with a trusted manufacturer like PTH because it has rich experience in building prefabricated homes. It will be able to help you choose the perfect floor plan and customize it to your needs, eventually creating a dream home for you.

What is a prefab home?


Prefabricated homes go by that name because their primary manufacturing takes place in an offsite factory, from where they are then delivered in parts to the site and then assembled on site. They resemble the traditional houses built on-site, but their building and dismantling can occur faster.

Historically, prefabricated homes have found associations with low-quality and high-volume housing projects due to their original intention of being temporary houses. They have, however, grown to shake off the stigma and acquired efficiency and quality. They are mobile homes that are quick to build up and dismantle while costing less than the common homes by about 10% to 20%.

Does a prefabricated home cost less than a stick-built one?

The answer is obvious. Prefab homes are often about 10% to 15% cheaper than stick-built homes. It can take months or longer to build a stick-built home, while a modular home just takes a few weeks or at most a few months.

Prefabricated houses are cheaper because they are built in a factory, which makes the whole process more efficient and streamlined.

  • The risk of faulty goods is reduced by the fact that any problems can be identified on the production line.

  • In prefabricated houses, all features are set up in the factory. This approach greatly reduces the risk of any errors, compared to hiring separate contractors for different parts of the house.

Factors affecting the cost of prefabricated homes

There are many factors than can affect the cost of a prefabricated home, as shown below:

1. Base home cost

Any prefabricated home will have a base price for the home itself. Such prices usually do not include the cost of shipping, survey work, taxes, fees or customization. Homes that vary in size or use different materials may have widely varying base costs. When you build a prefabricated home, you usually start with a basic model. From this model, you can build as is or alter it in any way.

2. Size

The contentious issue here is getting into an agreement on the price you will pay per square foot of prefab building materials, and the rest, based on the size of the house you want, will be simple and pure arithmetic.

Whether you require that entire space or you can do with more or less is based on your preferences. You need to get the size that will be enough for your whole family. This is factored into the cost of a home by multiplying your required price per square footage with the amount of footage you want.

3. Customization

As soon as you choose a basic model, you can adapt the floor plan to your needs. One of the best features of prefabricated homes is their customization features, so all the things you expect from this home can be met.

Never underestimate the value of making custom features to your prefabricated home, because they may greatly improve your resale value. At this point, you can adjust the overall square footage, add new features to the home design, and more.

4. Installation costs

Installation costs include finishing and fastening, which is the process of completing the assembly of the different parts of the house. Most of the home construction costs are in the cost of the foundation home.

Based on the size of the home and the builder, most of the finishing work may be done at the factory or it may all need to be done at the job site. Smaller homes delivered in one or two pieces can be paneled at the factory, while larger homes will need to be finished and paneled on site. These details add some additional installation and finishing costs to your prefabricated home.

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