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Prefab Commercial Building

Every commercial operation requires a unique set of building features, and our pre engineered commercial metal buildings are designed according to use. Our steel manufacturing kits feature clear span framing, which allows for column-free interiors. Whether you're building a retail store or office, steel is the way to go!

1 (2Steel structure logistics warehouse outlook  1 (2Steel structure logistics warehouse scenery

1 (2Steel structure logistics warehouse front view  1 (2Steel structure logistics warehouse construction

1 (2Steel structure logistics warehouse construction site  1 (2Steel structure logistics warehouse construction planform

Prefab Commercial Building Project Overview

Project Location: Virgin island

Building area:more over 1000㎡

Product usage:Logistics Centre+warehouse

Specialist structural steel manufacturer, PTH, has supported the construction of a distributing center in virgin island through supplying its 4s service: consulting & design service, shipment service, erection guide service, and after-sales support. 

Steel structure logistics warehouse construction team

Project Design

Used for logistics & warehousing, the size of the whole project is over 10,000 sq.m, it is the most large-scale distributing center in the local place that offer PTH great opportunity for demonstrating their skill and performance. 

Steel structure logistics warehouse dimensional drawing


Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) dimensional drawing

Detail Design

PTH team of experienced designers take space usage into fully consideration that the functiona area like office and parking lot are allocated besides the main storage area. Specifically, parking lot is of high strength of 500kg/sq.m floor load capacity to meet daily requirement, by building on a combination of 1mm galvanized pressed steel plate + 3 inch concrete floor.  

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) structure chart

As to the advantage of this steel structure building, Zhang Yifeng, a professional who charges of structural design, says:"We ensure that our systems are designed to provide optimum levels of structural performance in space ultilization, steel quantity, and stability, we always want to provide customer with a cost-effective solution".

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) structure chart-2

Manufacturing Process

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) manufacturing process

PTH choose Q345 rather than Q235 as the main material because it is much better in the strength and the use of the steel. The outer wall is built of the brick to give a stylish look.

The office section is coverd with 4 slope roof with skylight panel, 4 slope roof is a comparatively complicated part of this steel structure building, particularly in the stage of manufacturing, PTH team of technicians take much more time working with attitude to ensure positionning accuracy. 

On Site Installation

In conventional installation process, welding is a hard job for local unskilled workers, in such a circumstance, the stability and quality of the building can not be guaranteed, in this project, PTH improve the installation efficiency and accuracy by using high strength bolt connection between parts and pieces which allows for being quick in action for local workers.  

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) on site installation

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) on site installation-2

Finished Building

Finished Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building)-1

Finished Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building)-2

Finished Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building)-3

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) detailed structure size drawing

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) detailed structure size drawing-1

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) detailed structure size drawing-2

Steel Warehouse Buildings (Industrial Building) detailed structure size drawing-3


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