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Quick Assembly Houses( Q-43㎡)

• Anti Seismic:Second level (9 degrees)
• Size after expanding:6.038m*7.142m
• R value:2.95K.m/W

• Wind-resistance:200km/h (Level 16)

• Snow load:1.0 kN/㎡
• Sound-insulate:≥60db

• Outdoor height:2.86m

• Fire-resistance :Level 3(0.5 hours)

• Indoor height:2.46~2.59m
• Durability:50 years
• Loading:20 ft SOC

Technical Details


1.Windows:bridge-cutoff insulated aluminum alloy frame + double glazing unit

2.Outside door: bridge-cutoff insulated aluminum alloy frame + double glazing unit

3.Inside door:aluminum alloy frame+solid wood composite door

4.Anti-weathering coating profiled metal board

5.Imitation wood

6.Wall filling:High thermal insulation PIR

7.Nano-tech inside wall: Bamboo wood fiberboard


8.SPC locking floor, Anticorrosive and pressure resistant

9.Shower room with a four-in-one bath heater,explosion-proof tempered glass sliding door

10.Wash basin&cabinet and mirror


12.Switchs, socket,recessed LED ceiling light


1.5 constant Smart air system
2.kitchen floor cabinet with stainless steel sink and stone countertop
3.Closet for partition wall
4.Parapet wall
5.Wall-mounted cupboard
6.Integrated stove with induction cooker and range hood
7.40 L Water heater
8.Solar power system
9.Eletrical roller door
10.Eletrical roller windows


11.Sofa table

12.Dinner tabel
13.Dinner chair
14.Washing machine
16.Washing machine With dryer Function
19.Master room bed,Secondary room bed
21.Spiral pile foundation
22.Footing beam


Product Details


Limit To Space But Not Life


Germany Passive House Technolog

Save 70% engergy than traditional hous

More Details

High Weather Resistance And High Strength Wall Structure

1. Bamboo wood fiber composite interior wall
2.Supporting derivative frames
3.PIR Squeeze film forming
4.High weather resistant metal pressed plate
5.High-strength aluminum alloy mechanism

Bamboo Fiber Interior Wall

High Weather Resistant Metal Pressed Plat

High-strength Aluminum Alloy Structure


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