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  • Construction Guidelines for Light Steel Buildings

    Undoubtedly, light steel villas are now a concern of many people, and many people have already enjoyed such a living environment. So what issues should be paid attention to during the construction of steel building houses? Click for more details.

  • Application And Solution of Container House in Worker Camp

    This article is mainly introduces application and solution of container house in worker camp, click for detailed information.

  • Are Residential Steel Buildings Damaged Greatly After Natural Disasters?

    Can residential steel buildings remain intact in the face of natural disasters? What are the advantages compared to traditional concrete brick structure buildings? If you want to know, click on the link, here will tell you everything.

  • Facing Natural Disasters, What Can Light Steel Structure Building Do?

    Changing traditional construction methods, promoting industrial upgrading, reducing construction waste, and protecting the environment have become the most important issues in the current construction industry. In this context, Putian Light Steel Construction has stepped forward.

  • Why Is The Construction Period of Steel Structure Building Short?

    As an excellent representative of "green buildings", light steel structure buildings meet almost everyone's needs. So how exactly are steel frame buildings built? Click to learn more!

  • The Results of The Fire Test of Light Steel Buildings Are Amazing!

    People have always been very vigilant about the fire protection arrangement of steel structure buildings. Among them, the most rapidly developing light steel buildings have attracted the most attention. So what is the fire resistance of light steel buildings?

  • Prefabricated House Solutions Container building

    PTH has alternative solutions to satisfy every requirement. Our container houses preferred and used in workers camps, office, cafeteria, WC-shower, dormitories, infirmary, lodgment, mosque, etc. Contact us to start your customization container houses now!

  • Ten Advantages of Light Steel Buildings Compared With Traditional Houses

    Light steel structure buildings have many advantages. This article mainly introduces its production technology, environmental protection, safety and other properties. Click for more details.

  • Multi-span steel structure building: Nicaragua Coffee Factory

    Project Overview:Project time: 2017Project location: NicaraguaProject scale: 4600㎡Product type: Steel structure factoryProject usage: Food production plantProject Features: multi-span steel structure, high requirements for waterproofWhen customers of this project contacted us, they hoped that PTH co

  • Container Modular House | Simple and Multi-Functional

    Modular container house can be used for outdoor sports events, its convenient installation, landing advantages make it widely used for this purpose. This article introduces a practical application case of putian.

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