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Why PTH Housing Services?

Most of the prefab house products , PTH is a Leader in the Prefabricated Building Manufacturer.

Project & Case Studies

PTH projects about prefab house, living container homessteel structure buildinglight steel building  etc

 PTH has offered its products and services to customers from more than 100 countries around the world.Brazil,Gabon,Kazahsta,Venezuela,Australia,etc.

Steel Structure Warehouse

2 warehouses, 3780 ㎡ for each
Category: Steel Structure Building

Steel Structure Workshop

Category: Steel Structure Building

Light Steel Villa

Category: Light Steel Villa

Container Home Project

Category: Prefab house, Living Container House

Distributing Center Project

Virgin Island
Category:Distributing Center Building ,Steel Structure Building

Mining Camp Housing Project

Category: Mining Camp Housing,Living Container House

Steel Structure Building Project

Las Vegas, United States
Category: Hotel Building, Light Steel Structure Building 

Steel Structure Building Project

Curitiba, Brazil
Category: Workshop Building, Steel Structure Building 

Resort Hotel Project

Category:Resort Hotel Building , Light Steel Building

Integrated Hotel Project

Gabon, Africa
Category:Integrated Hotel,Steel Structure Building

Our Divisions

PTH House mainly provides 6 major integrated housing solutions including multi-story building, steel structure building, 
container house, light steel villa ,eco home and PC modular house.

Featured Products

Best Sell Prefab House, living Container House, Light Steel Villa products.

News & Announcement

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    National Day is Coming, Find a Fabulous House When You Go Outside

    The annual National Day is approaching; have you already booked air tickets, packed your bags, and eager for traveling? During the golden week, the major tourist areas must be overcrowded. According to the data released by China Tourism Administration, the No.of tourist in the golden week is expected to raise by 21.4%.In such a large group of tourists, the accommodation has certainly become a very problem. In addition to hotels, hostels, many people will choose B & B.
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    Light Steel Villa "2.0" Era is Coming - Passive House

    There is a kind of house where it always keep at about 20 degrees whole year, and no need to heat in winter, and air conditioner  in summer, which is very comfortable for people to live. And the solar panels on rooftop could meet the basic needs of daily life and fresh air indoor. Such a magic house is passive house which is representative of the world’s highest level of building technical.
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    4 Prefabricated Construction Prsented for You

    The Most Developed Prefabricated Construction——Sweden
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    PTH Provide Timely Help for the People of Ecuador After Earthquake

    The grade 7.8 earthquake happened in Ecuador on 16th April led to 600 deaths and over 8340 injured. Ecuador is located in the Pacific seismic belt, where volcanoes and earthquake happen a lot. The residential building with poor seismic performance is the main reason of such a huge loss this time.
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    Affordable Prefab House (Modular House)

    PTH serial container house is a kind of prefab house, consisting of light steel frame and thermal insulation material.
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    The New Year’s Resolution Meeting of PTH

    PTH held a new year’s resolutionmeeting on December 26, 2015. Employee from marketing department, R & D center and production department participated this meeting......
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    Sam and Pillai Visited PTH

    Sam and Pillai,the directors of Energreen Homes company from India arrived at Hangzhou, the marketing and R & D center of PTH on 30th June , 2016. After the introduction of PTH and its profession in integrated housing , two parties got involved the deep discussion about light steel villa , hotel, garage...
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    Clients from Germany Visited PTH on 10th May

    It’s a great honour to have our client—Erwin visits here.And this client is from Germany and hope to reach cooperation on the camp on the dam side. This project covers an area of over 20,000 square feet.
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    Jose, a Customer from South American Visit PTH

    On May 23, 2015, Mr Jose from Peru in South America and his translator Mr Hanmin visited the production base of PTH .Mr Jose and his team run a professional company evolved in plastic bags in Peru South America.......

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