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Army Camp In Maputo, Mozambique

Project overview:

Project time: 2012.03

Project location: Mozambique

Project scale: 27 sets of single-storey buildings, mainly economic activity houses, equipped with 4 sets of container houses for storage, including accommodation, restaurants, shower rooms, toilets, storage rooms, etc.

Product Type: Container Mobile Army Camp


Why customers choose PTH

1. Price advantage;

2. Humanized approach, with numbers on the drawings, quick and convenient installation;

3. Good quality.


Project introduction:

The client is mainly engaged in wood. At the beginning of 2011, he bought a high cabinet mobile house from our company. In July 2011, he bought 40 sets of brick pattern mobile houses (20 sets of 42m² and 72m²). They are all satisfied with the product quality. , Which laid a certain foundation for subsequent orders.

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Project features and selling points:

1. Price advantage, customers put price first, Potevio’s price has a certain advantage over other competitors;

2. Comparing at the same price, customers are more recognized by Potevio's product quality, and the exterior design of the house is also more attractive;

3. Convenient installation, with a detailed installation list. When installing the cabinet, each part has a number. You can install it by matching the number during installation. The method is very user-friendly.


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