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The steel structure warehouse is mainly composed of H-section steel, C-section steel, and Z-section steel combination or construction frame and other components made of section steel and steel plate. Each structural building part is connected by welding, bolting, or riveting. The main function of a steel warehouse is for storage, so its space span is generally large.


PTH's prefab steel warehouse is an ideal solution to meet your inventory storage and management needs. We have more than 20 years of experience in structural steel warehouse construction. Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality complete engineering steel frame systems and components as well as high-quality service. We will provide you with high-quality prefabricated warehouse buildings according to your needs and the building codes of your location.


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Prefab Warehouse Design And Quotation

In the design stage, we will need you to provide the parameters like rainfall, wind load, snow load, seismic grade, loading capcity of deck floor etc. At the same time, we design and build material strength, material thickness, and cross-sectional characteristics of metal warehouses that also meet international standards.


It is necessary to carefully consider the load-bearing problem in the design of steel warehouse buildings to reduce the possibility of damage to the warehouse. It is also a construction method for the daily maintenance and service life of steel structures.


Of course, our prefab warehouse building is also customizable. If you feel that the design of our current alternative steel structure warehouse is not up to your mind, you can provide us with your architectural sketch. Our designers and engineers will discuss the feasibility of the building structure together with your design sketch. After the architectural design is approved, we will usually provide you with an accurate quotation within 1-3 working days.


Clear Span Warehouses

Clear Span warehouse means that no load-bearing walls or columns are needed to support the roof-steel frame. The metal warehouse buildings are strong enough to support the roof weight. Our rigid-frame steel warehouse spans huge areas without needing any interior support columns.


The width of the PTH standard modular warehouse can reach 150', and the net span of a custom-designed steel frame warehouse can reach 200' or more. We will provide a customized quotation within three working days.


Steel Warehouse Option

We offer a variety of exterior options. The roof, siding, walls, and decorations of the metal warehouse buildings are available in a variety of colors. You can also choose doors of different widths and heights, such as overhead doors, rolling doors, and scissor doors. The exterior warehouse building wall can also be decorated with brick, stone, concrete, glass, plaster, etc. We provide various styles of metal panels and profiles to improve the appearance of warehouses or distribution facilities.


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Advantages of The Metal Warehouse

PTH prefabricated metal buildings provide the storage industry with advantages that other types of buildings cannot obtain.


  • Compared with traditional material construction, the steel warehouse construction cycle has been shortened by one third.
  • All components are pre-cut, pre-welded, and pre-drilled in the factory for quick assembly on the job site.
  • The delivery speed is fast, usually within five to six weeks after the order. The lead time of the standard modular metal warehouse can be shorter.
  • Prefab metal warehouses are rigid frame steel structures, which are more cost-effective than brick or wooden structures.


Why Choose PTH

Each of our metal buildings can easily be certified for hurricane and heavy snow loads even in the harshest climates.

The vertical and horizontal beams of the rigid frame backbone of the steel warehouses are welded together at an extremely stable angle to ensure the stability of the building.


Customers can design the prefab warehouse size, roof height, color, insulation materials, doors, and windows by themselves, and we will quote for the building within three working days.

We can assist you in finding contractors approved by our company to start your metal building design and construction together.


Choosing PTH will bring you a more worry-free shopping experience. All you have to do is place an order on the website without worrying about expensive contractor prices or the several months' construction period.

PTH's professional construction experts will help you choose a warehouse design and develop a plan suitable for your industry. You can freely design the layout of the building.


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  • Application of Metal Warehouse
  • Commercial warehouse
  • Industrial storage
  • Raw material storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Cold storage
  • Distribution center
  • Manufacturing plant


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  • Office building
  • Retail storefront
  • Equipment storage
  • Recreational facilities
  • Agricultural building
  • Large workshop
  • Car repair center


Steel Structure Workshop In Albania

Project No.:PTW2W110




Papua New Guinea Prefabricated Warehouse

Project No.:PT170523


Location:Papua New Guinea


Philippines Prefab Warehouse Project

Project No.:PT160374



Building area:168㎡

Philippines Metal Warehouse Project

Project No.:PT160374



Building area:168㎡

Dutch Steel Warehouse Building

Project scale:1960㎡

Project Category: Steel Structure

Project location: Netherlands

Project purpose: warehouse

Dutch Metal Single Storey Warehouse Building

Project location: Netherlands

Project area: 800 square meters

Project Category: Steel Structure

Project purpose: used as a warehouse to store goods and materials

Laos Steel Frame Warehouse

Project time: 2018

Project site:Laos                    

Project scale:710㎡

Product type:Steel structure

Food Prefabricated Warehouse Building-Nicaragua

Project No.:PT170482

Project time:2017

Location:Nicaragua 4.Area:3744㎡

Structure:steel structure

Norwegian Steel Structure Warehouse

Project overview:

Project time: March 2009-April 2011

Project location: Norway

Project scale: 1492㎡

20ft Container For Warehouse In Japan

Project No. :PT170310



Scale:14 units of 20ft container

Sweden Double-C Structural Steel Warehouse

Project Number:PTX2W100-3

Product type:Double-C structure steel

Usage:For warehouse


Slovakia Steel Structure Warehouse

Project Time: 2015

Project Location: Slovakia 

Building area: 2 warehouses, 3780 ㎡ for each

Project usage: steel structure warehouse

Steel Structure Logistic Storage Warehouse In Uruguay

Project No.:PT170454




India Steel Structure Warehouse

Project time:2012

Project site:India 

Project scale:12890㎡

Product type:Steel structure

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