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Barbados 201.5㎡ Two-Story Villa

Project location: Barbados
Project area: 201.5m2
Project purpose: family housing
Layout: Three bedrooms, two persons, one kitchen and one living room
Design wind load: 120mph

Philippine Zoo Staff Light Steel Dormitory

Project time: 2013.11
Project location: Philippines
Project scale: 225m²

Canadian Container House Villa

Project time: 2014 
Project Location: Canada
Category: resort cottage near lake
Product type: CSA standard 7*20ft Container house+multi-hip type roof

South Africa Mobile Home

The building area is 8 98 m2, the indoor net height is 5 2.65 m (from the ground to the lowest part of the indoor roof panel), the roof overhang is 0m.30m, and the roof slope is 18°/7°.

140㎡ Light Steel Villa in Seychelles

Project location: Seychelles
Project Category: Light Steel
Project use: residential villa
Floor area: 140 square meters

Personal Residential Building in Seychelles

Project No.: PT190429
Date: Year 2019
Location: Seychelles
Scale: 3units*20ft container house

Private Villa St. Martin

Project No.: PT180496
Project time: 2018-2019
Project location: St.Martin
Project scale: 618m2 villa with 55m2 garage

New Zealand Light Gauge Steel Villa

Project No.: PT160530 
Date: 2016
Location: Saint Martin 
Scale: 75m²

Tahiti Container House

Project No: 201
Project time: Tahiti
Project scale: 3sets 20ft container
Product type: container

40 ㎡ LGS Villa in Uruguay

Project No.: PTVNWK16002 
Date: 2016
Location: Uruguay 
Scale: 3 sets LGS villa

Family House in New Caledonia

Project No: PT180401
Date: 2018
Location: New Caledonia
Scale: 4 units 20ft container

New Caledonia Light Steel Villa

Project time: 2013
Project location: New Caledonia
Project scale: 10*15 meters, double slope roof with corridor, total area of 150 square meters, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one outdoor corridor.

Double-Layer Light Steel Villa in New Caledonia

Project No.: PT190124               
Project Date: Year 2019
Location: New Caledonia
Scale: 105㎡*4

New Zealand Light Steel Villa

Project No.: PTP6V073                
Date: Year 2014 
Location: New Zealand               
Scale: 119m²

New Zealand Light Steel Villa

Project No.: PTP6V080                
Date: Year 2014
Location: New Zealand                 
Scale: 142m²

Light Steel Villa in Chile

Project Time: 2015
Project Location: Chile
Project Size: 78 m2 light steel villa

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