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Light Steel Villa Solutions

Light steel villa is manufactured by Stud Mill which combined FrameCAD  software with Heyes' roll forming technology. 
Frame CAD from New Zealand, automatic bending, cutting, punching, accuracy ±0.5mm. G550-AZ150 steel, all aluminizing zinc treatment.
1.Better Seismic Performance
Light steel villas are lighter in weight, suitable for all geological conditions, and don’t worry about being eroded by termites like wooden structures. This enables PTH's light steel villas to resist earthquakes of magnitude 9 after 50 years.
2.Higher Performance
PTH's light steel villa has 10 times the thermal resistance of the concrete structure, better ventilation performance, and a sound insulation of 65 dB, which has obvious advantages compared with traditional buildings.
3.Energy Saving
All the components in the PTH light steel villa are 100% recyclable, and our team adopts a dry construction method to ensure no pollution. At the same time, this also saves more than 50% of the working time.

Personal House, Hotel, School

Light Steel Villa Projects