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A logistics center, also known as a distribution center, refers to a place that relies on large and medium-sized cities and has a certain scale that operates the storage, transportation, packaging, processing, loading and unloading, and handling of goods. Logistics centers are generally equipped with advanced logistics management information systems, whose main function is to promote a faster and more economical flow of goods. The main advantages are centralized storage of goods, speed up logistics operation, shorten the circulation time of goods, and reduce circulation costs. According to their functions, logistics centers can be divided into collection centers, distribution centers, shipping centers, distribution centers, storage centers, and processing centers. Putian's prefab steel building solutions can design and build different steel structure logistics centers according to the customer's customized requirements.


The steel frame logistics distribution center can not only meet the basic requirements of the plant's fire protection, lighting, ventilation and heating, power supply, and other systems, but also meet special requirements such as column spacing, height under beams, and ground bearing capacity. The column spacing will directly affect the placement of goods, the movement of handling vehicles, and the installation of conveying and sorting equipment. The height under the beam of the logistics center limits the height of the shelves and the stacking height of goods. The ground carrying capacity determines the equipment layout and the number of goods stacked.


Purchase prefabricated steel logistics building from Putian, we will be your building consultant and offer free design service to meet local building code and bespoke shape. We can design the I-type logistics center with independent outbound and inbound stations, the L-shaped logistics center that handles fast-moving goods, and the U-shaped logistics center where the outbound and inbound stations will be concentrated on the same side. Our professional engineering team will consider all the factors to simplify the operation procedures of the logistics center, reduce the damage rate of goods, and improve cargo transportation efficiency.


Netherlands Antilles Steel Structure Building

Project time : 2012.6

Project location : Netherlands Antilles

Project scale : 1 set,300 sq.m

Project type :Steel Structure Logistics Center

Logistics Warehouse-Virgin Islands

Project No.:PTX4W486

Project time:2012.12—2013.5

Location:Virgin island

Area:over 10000㎡ ㎡

Iraqi Steel Structure Logistics Warehouse

Project Time:2011               

Category:Logistics warehouse


Product:Steel structure

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