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With the development of the company, the area of factory workshops is expanding, the scope of business is getting wider, and the number of office clerks is also increasing. Therefore, a special factory office needs to be installed in the factory workshop to facilitate communication and cooperation between clerks and workers. At Putian, our team is committed to meeting the ever-changing market needs, while providing customers with better perfect factory and office solutions.


Choose a high-quality modular factory office so that employees can isolate factory noise and focus on the task at hand, and keep paper materials and electronic equipment away from dust. The prefab factory office structure consists of Aluminum frames and sandwich panel with durable PPGI steel sheet on both sides and filled with good thermal insulation and fire-proof materials. Each factory office is equipped with high-definition glass windows, and the management can see the work progress and communicate work in time. The modular office is also equipped with power systems, data ports, and telephone lines so that you can work efficiently.


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The Benefits of Choosing A PTH Factory Office

Traditional offices may require factories to stop operation to avoid construction hazards. The modular factory office directly prepares the structure in advance by the prefabricated steel structure building manufacturer, and only needs to install the various structural parts together like building blocks on site. The prefab modular factory office's structural parts can be customized in style, color, material according to customer requirements, and we will ensure that orders are delivered quickly. Besides, the modular factory office has the following advantages:


Noise separation: Generally speaking, factory workshops are noisy, and the sound of machine operation is easy to make people irritable, and it is impossible to calm down and deal with some tasks that require deep thinking. Putian's modular factory office walls are sandwiched with two layers of high-quality soundproof insulation, which can isolate the noise from penetrating into the room.


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Improve work efficiency: Gathering management and factory workers in a large space is the first step. Each industrial modular office is equipped with windows to allow managers to monitor the working progress in real-time. When workers encounter difficulties, managers can provide timely help, solve problems together with workers, and improve work efficiency.


Enhance communication: In the past, the office might be separated far away from the workshop. In case some projects need to be approved or orders are in doubt, the paper applications must be submitted to the headquarters. Then wait two to three working days to get a response, which greatly extended the entire project cycle. If the factory is equipped with a modular office, then this is no longer a problem. The leadership can work in the same space as the employees, and any questions can be answered timely.


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Reduce costs: The construction of traditional cement office may require a factory shutdown for a while before refurbishing or building a new office area. The prefabricated modular office can be set up directly because the entire office frame is pre-built in PTH’s factory and no additional adjustments are required on site.


Philippines Steel Structure Factory With Office

Project location: Philippines

Project category: steel structure + container house

Project purpose: factory office

Project scale: 840 square meters + 3 container houses

Factory Double-Deck Container Office Building

Project location: Laos

Project Category: Container House

Project purpose: factory office

Project scale: 6 container houses

Economic Activity House Factory Office

Project Category: Activity House

Project address: Suriname

Building area: 73.5㎡

Project purpose: office

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