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Container Clinic

Container Clinic

The container clinic uses container structure and sandwich panels as medical clinics, which can be transported to any area in the world. The clinic is pre-assembled in a container, which means that the pop-up clinic can operate within a few days of deployment.


Putian's medical containers provide customers with many different design options, from small medical clinics to modular clinics. Our container medical clinic has passed ISO certification, and each container is manufactured with high-quality components. The portable medical container is a one-stop service, equipped with renewable energy systems, solar systems, satellite communication systems, telemedicine functions, etc.


Container Clinic

Container Clinic Applications

Dental clinic: Doctors check the oral hygiene of patients, correct, and care for customers' teeth.


Isolation room: The clinic can isolate patients from each other to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.


Health room: Doctors and nurses can solve the health problems of local patients, equipped with specially trained personnel and special equipment, which is very suitable for modular clinics.


Customized Medical Clinic

The container can be converted into clinics for different purposes according to customer needs.


Temperature control: The container clinic can be equipped with heating equipment, ventilation equipment, and air conditioning.


Container Clinic

Air filtration: To avoid wound infection during surgery or wound treatment, clinics can filter the air to ensure that indoor air quality at a high level.


Storage: Our portable medical clinic has a large space, which can be used to store medical equipment and medical tools. This may be in a wall-mounted cabinet or even in a separate room or closet.


Wire: The container can be equipped with solar panels to capture and store the sun's energy.


Plumbing: Each container clinic is equipped with at least one sink, or even a complete bathroom, which can be added according to customer needs.


Are You Looking for Container Clinics?

Are you looking for container clinics, whether for hospitals, testing centers, or other applications, Contact us now to get a quote or let us answer any of your questions!


French Container Clinic

Project location: France

Project Category: Container

Project Use: Clinic

Project scale: 10 20-foot containers

Temporary Container Medical Clinic in Seychelles

Project No. :PT190506

Date : Year 2019

Location: Seychelles

Scale: 2units 20ft detachable container combination+3units 20ft detachable

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