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Custom Container Home Builders

What Does PTH Do

Design, fabricate and install our custom container homes and commercial buildings on your site. We work to create customized metal buildings designed to achieve your goals.
Prefab container houses for commercial projects can minimize a large project’s budget thanks to its strong prefabricated structure.

DIY Container House

Build your dream container house with the help of PTH. Don’t be tied down to a traditional home build! Design a one-of-a-kind home instead.
Our team can draw on more than two decades of construction experience to guide you through the construction process. We’ll start by going over your budget, then help you create your dream prefab container homes from your very own vision.
You can work with our team to design a layout that accommodates all of your living, operational and storage needs. We’ll make sure your new custom container home is completed following local building codes and promptly.

DIY Building Consultation

Our expert builder is here to guide you through the process! Do it yourself with our manual or schedule a consultation with a builder of 20 years. When you hire us for consultation, you can rest assured your DIY project is built with professional support.
Simply fill out our quote form and we’ll email you right away to arrange a consult time.

Popular Container Applications

  • Prefabricated Container Homes
    PTH can even build a custom a cabin cube, a modular, or tiny house, prefab container houses. Please contact us to start your business now! Read More
  • Container GYM
    PTH comes with all the equipment found in standard gyms and training facilities to create a robust mobile training platform wherever you need it. Read More
  • Refrigerated Storage Container
    Refrigerated containers are a crucial part of the "cold chain", a parallel supply chain that handles temperature-controlled goods. PTH can provide multiple refrigerated storage container choices. Read More
  • Container Pop Up Store
    If you're ready to take your business to the next level or open up a small shop of your own, consider buying a container pop up shop this year. Contact PTH for more information. Read More
  • Container Hospital
    Our container hospitals are ISO certified and fabricated only with high-quality components. Contact PTH for more information. Read More
  • Container School
    From building single container solutions to meet your current needs to multiple units to work until your financial budget allows a new structure, PTH can help you create a place of learning or fellowship at an affordable price. Read More
  • Container For Agricultural
    From job sites to farms and ranches, we can build a custom container to meet your needs. Construction clients will enjoy the available options like full bathrooms and kitchens. Read More
  • Prefab Container for Mining Camping
    Our accommodation containers are the ideal solution for temporary housing at mining camps. It is a cost-effective way to accommodate employees on-site near to the construction site. Read More
  • Prefab Container Office
    When you need convenient, immediate access to ground-level office space, PTH container offices provide an ideal solution. Contact us for more details. Read More

Why Choose PTH

Custom container house

PTH Container Homes does not only provide affordable and good quality prefab container house alone, but we also take part in designing an exceptionally beautiful container home of your dreams. We work hand in hand with our clients towards only one goal, Satisfaction!

Safety and Comfort

Building a metal container home depends on what suits your needs. It takes a lot of researching and planning to get to your desired result. You will have to consider a lot of factors but at the end of the day, safety and comfort is still the most important thing to consider when building a prefab container home.

Exceptional Quality
From the initial container selection, through the finishing touches, no detail is overlooked in our process. All materials entering the client's home are strictly controlled. We know our containers will be in your family for years.

Common Advantages of Container House

Strength and Durability

Containers are much stronger than normal wood construction methods. They are made with steel uni-body construction, the strongest construction method possible. The walls are made from 14 gauge, 0.075-inch corrugated sheet steel panels that are welded to the main structure.

Container Frame use Q355B low carbon structural steel with hot dip galvanizing 100g/m2. After welding, the integral frame uses electrostatic powder spraying(100um). Container house adopts integrated welding foaming roof, PU foaming integrated roof can effectively prevent the water leakage! Prefab container houses are built to resist snow, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Low maintenance

PTH standard container house adopts welded integrated frame with PU foaming insulated roof and all- welded integrated chassis. Based on traditional container, its profile material, drainage system and power system have great advantage, which makes it does not require much maintenance.

If you are interested in as little maintenance as possible, you can choose PTH prefab container house. With metal siding and roof, there is little to no outside maintenance required. This is perfect for a lake cabin or hunting cabin where you do not want to spend your time maintaining the building when you are there to enjoy the time you have away. Also, with the full metal option, you will never worry about having to replace boards or siding due to wood rot.

Termite and Insect resistant

Prefab container house floor uses 1.8mm PVC floor +18mm cement fiber board. Wall Panel uses 75mm EPS sandwich panel, material option is PU, rock wool. Colored steel sheet is 0.40m. Panel's outside is color-optional with ribs, inside is milky white . The steel sheet surface is Aluminum Zinc galvanized 50g/m2+ PE baking finish 15/5um.

There is no surface for termites to eat. Also, due to the solid construction of the container, the only openings for pests of any kind to enter the container is through any openings cut into the container for doors and windows. All of these openings are insulated and caulked/silicone to prevent weather and insects or rodents from entering. You can put one of these container cabins in the middle of the woods and be confident that it will not be destroyed by insects.

We’ll provide the most suitable packing way. One 40ft HQ can load 6 sets of 8*20A PTH standard container house. How portable it depends on the final design of the home, but there is the ability to have a home that can be moved. This flexibility affords the ability of off-site construction. 

Quick Build Time
When you use a container as the basis to build your home you can drastically speed up the time it takes to for your new home to be completed. Because the container serves as the outside frame of the home you can “skip” that step of construction and begin with the inside work like plumbing, electrical, and finish work.

Common Doubts About Container House

What Are My Door and Window Options?

Door, window, switch, socket are all pre-assembled on the wall panel. There are prefabricated quick-plug on the wall panel, the panel position can be moved for random combination during installation.
What About Insulation?
Our standardized container houses use 75mm EPS sandwich panels. We also provide rock wool, glass wool and other plates. These are good insulation materials and have good thermal insulation effects.

Do I Need a Roof?

According to your needs, it has to be said that adding a light steel roof can make your cabin more comfortable and beautiful. If you are in an extreme climate area, such as blizzards, high temperatures and severe cold, our designers will recommend you to use the "container house + light steel roof" model

What's your supply capacity?

Container house type 50,000units, steel structure warehouse 360,000 m2, light steel villa 800,000m2, prefabricated double C structure house 560,000m2.


How to install ?

We will provide installation instruction and video for you, technicians will be sent to help you if it is necessary. However, the visa fee, air tickets, accommodation,wages will be provided by buyers.


How long is your delivery time?

Generally it is within 15-30 days ,definitely according to quantity.


How do you guarantee the quality of the products?

Strict product quality control, quality makes the future.This is the tenet of our factory. Each product from our factory has strict testing procedures, and must be 100% quality before delivery.


How can I get the quotation of the project ?

If you have drawing ,we can offer you our quotation according to your drawing .

If you have no design, our engineer will design some drawings for you to confirm, and then offer you a quotation.


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