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Container Pop Up Store

If you're ready to take your business to the next level or open up a small shop of your own, consider buying a container pop up store this year.

PTH manufactures container Pop Up shop. Pop-Up units are nowadays becoming very popular to be used in exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, events, and retail shops. It's a multipurpose design as you can use it as an exhibition booth, brand display in crowded places, gallery, retail store, bakery, and easily transferred to Café/Bar or Pop Up Restaurant.


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The project can offer the services for people in daily life such as providing payment, facilitating the payment, repayment, cross-bank/cross-bank transferring, purchasing air tickets and so on. It also provide home economics, decoration, maintenance, special services and other elderly professional services and inexpensive daily necessities for the community residents, and form a convenient combination of online and offline terminal operating system.


These pavilions are customized container products, the intellectual property rights owned by Putian House and Shanghai United Central .According to the introduction of designers Ruming Zhang in the Putian Housing Construction R&D Center, that all the structure frame are fromed by aluminum alloy material, profiles are dedicated to open mold custom, having a long life,and the framework won't be disturbed by corrosion problems.


After the assembly of products, these splice joints are tight, and pavilion also has a good appearance.


At the beginning of the design, the product was identified for its application, so the facade use large glass, suitable for convenience stores, newsstand, coffee bar, baking bar, breakfast kiosks and other commercial purposes. Combined with the needs of advertisement, Putian Housing directly put the advertising light boxes into the product.


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