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Professional steel factory building designing and advanced manufacturing equipment make Putian's steel structure building a leader in the industry. The prefabricated steel structural components comply with international building codes. Our steel construction kits can be custom designed for commercial, agricultural, or residential applications.


We perform all the cutting, drilling, and welding in the plant for all prefabricated steel frame factories, so on-site installation only requires workers to assemble nuts and bolts.


Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete, the prefab modular factory building constructed with a steel frame has many advantages, such as short construction period, durability, lower cost, and high return on investment.


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Customized Buildings for Your Business

Once you have determined which steel building kit is most suitable for your project, we will discuss with you the color scheme of doors, windows, and building exteriors. The simplicity of the steel construction factory allows us to meet the various custom building requirements of our customers, modify the layout at will, and add more customization items without exceeding your budget. From design to construction, we provide consulting services and professional steel structure factory solutions throughout the process.


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Things to Consider Before Purchasing A New Prefab Factory

When considering the metal factory building, the budget is closely related to the building size and additional facilities. Firstly, you need to let us know the size of the steel structure factory building or choose from many customization options to get a steel prefabricated factory that suits your requirements. Choose our standard size or choose your customized size, and then choose the color, roof, and exterior wall materials. To further customize it and personalize it, you can choose different doors, windows, and roofs.


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Steel Frame Factory Components

Embedded parts: Stabilize plant structure.
Column: Generally is H-shaped steel or C-shaped steel (usually angle steel is used to connect two C-shaped steel).
Beam: Generally is C-shaped steel and H-shaped steel (the height of the middle ridge is determined according to the span of the beam).
Purlin: C-shaped steel or channel steel.
Tile: The first type is a monolithic tile (color steel tile). The second type is a composite board (polystyrene, rock wool, polyurethane). There is foam between the two layers of tiles, which can not only keep warm but also prevent noise pollution.


Australian Steel Structure Warehouse

Project Date:Year 2013-2014



Category:Steel structure

Brazil Steel Structure Factory

Project time:2014.4-2014.10 

Project Location: Curitiba, Brazil

Category: Workshop + Office

Product type: Light gauge steel building

Canada Steel Structure Plant

Project No:PT170200

Project time:2017

Project site:Canada

Project scale:1291㎡

Coffee Steel Frame Factory in Nicaragua

Project No.:PT170425




China Steel Structure Production Workshop

Project area: 45,000m²

Project Category: Steel Structure Products

Project purpose: factory production workshop

Project address: China

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