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Why PTH ?

Engineering & Design

We are equipped with a professional research and development team,which consists of dozens of employed experienced designers, by using the latest design software- revit2016 of AutoDesk, Nowadays, we are using BIM system to offer housing solution for clients.
BIM--Building Information Modeling is an architecture model based on all the correlative information data of the constructional engineering project as the basis, through digital information to simulate the real building information.
It can benefit clients in four aspects as below:

1.3D rendering: show people visual impact of Realistic and direct feeling, improve the winning chance of bidding.
2.Quickly calculation quantity, improved precision: through the construction of 5D relative database, BIM database can calculate the project quantity accurately and quickly, and promote the accuracy and efficiency of construction budget.
3.Accurate plan, reduce waste: BIM database can realize the quick obtain of basic information of project at any time point.
4.Collision check, reduce rework: The most intuitive feature of BIM is the 3D visualization. By using BIM 3D visualization technology, we can do collision check, optimize project design, and reduce the possible error loss in construction stage.