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Cold Storage

PNG Double- C Structure Cold Storage

The building area is 72 square meters; the indoor net height of the double-hung C structure is 3.6m (from the ground to the lowest part of the indoor ceiling), and the roof slope is 18°.

Laos Container Freezer

PTH container house can be used in the construction of special application fields, such as cold storage room. According to the customer's needs, the designer will propose a reasonable solution and transform it on the basis of standardized containers through customization.

Congo Container Cold Storage and Fresh-Keeping Warehouse

2 20' container freezers, storing fish and meat, refrigeration effect requirements: -30℃—-20℃;
Two 20' container fresh-keeping warehouses, storing fruits and vegetables, refrigeration effect requirements: -5℃-2℃

Senegal Steel Structure Cold Storage

Item Number: PT160422
Project location: Senegal
Project Category: Steel Structure
Project purpose: steel structure
Building area: 2500 square meters

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