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This container house is ordered by a customer from France, this model is 40ft , connected by two 20ft container house. This container house is used as dormitory room for the student in University.
The customer install some beautiful cladding plate outside the container house.It’s very popular for the students.



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1. Project No. :PT190601/190339             
2. Date :Year 2019
3. Location: Seychelles                 
4. Scale :6units+5units*20ft detachable container house + flat pack container house
5. Category:container house+light steel roof




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The project is the student dormitory of Chreso University in Zambia. There are 20 side toilets in total, with two floors on the upper and lower floors, and the height of the cabinet is 2991mm. Add a double running staircase on each side, a walkway board on the second floor, and a light steel roof on the roof.



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