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Refrigerated Storage Container

Refrigerated containers are a crucial part of the "cold chain", a parallel supply chain that handles temperature-controlled goods. Products like meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and even flowers and pharmaceuticals often depend on the cold chain. If you've ever wondered how you're able to buy fruits out of season, for instance, you can thank the invention of the refrigerated container.

  refrigerated storage container inner view  refrigerated storage container external photo 

 refrigerated storage container internal picture  refrigerated storage container external picture

 refrigerated storage container external pictures  refrigerated storage container internal photo

Project Overview

  • Project Location: Laos

  • Project specifications: 20 fixed refrigeration storage containers

  • Usage: Freezer


PTH special container units can be used in many areas. Our designer will provide the right solution to fit customers' requirements, and modify our standard container units to fit the purpose

refrigerated storage container design dimensions-1

refrigerated storage container design dimensions-2

refrigerated storage container design dimensions-3

refrigerated storage container design dimensions-4

refrigerated storage container design dimensions-5

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