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Container Building Cases

Whether you call it upcycling, repurposing, or simply smart, there has been an increasingly popular trend of turning shipping containers into homes. Prefab container homes make use of the durability of the containers to create a structurally sound prefab house, often in a modern industrial style.


Here listed are a few container house applications in different industrial sectors. Click for more details.

Why Choose PTH

Customer First

Client collaboration is the basic, our in-house engineers customize every container building. And we will provide lasting value and maintenance-free protection.


If you’re not sure which size would be best for your space, call us: We’d be glad to help you find a prefab container home that suits the dimensions of your property from our large selection of metal building kits. 

Other things to think about when you are browsing our selection of steel container homes for sale include the size of your steel structure building door and options like walk-in doors, windows, extra braces, and taller sides. 

You can choose a color for your metal building from a wide range of options, including cream, brown, green, blue, gray, and black, etc. 


Building Options
PTH offers a wide range of building options for buyers to choose from, including roof, lean-tos, siding, framing, insulation, and even garage doors.

Popular Container Applications

20ft Container House with Bathroom in Laos

with pre-assembled floor(including drainage pipes)...

Container House Project in Malaysia

located in rainy and humid areas, with excellent waterproof and anti-corrosion performance...

Finland Container House

Load and insulation meet Northern Europe standards, small area living housing solutions

Japan Green Plant Container

Customized products, excellent insulation performance and
weather proof...

New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation

20ft flat pack container, Fast installation and reasonable space utilization...

Philippines Container Hotel

The roof of the box strictly meets the requirements of first-class fire protection, and the pipeline system adopts...

Tahiti Container House

Single standard container for living...

Cambodia Container House

Multiple container houses are freely arranged to meet the needs of the temporary camp's living functions...

Container Residential Community Project in Venezuela

diversified functions, including public bathroom, laundry
rooms, shower rooms, cold storage, clinics...

French Guiana Container Classroom Toilet

retail, used in classrooms, toilets, etc.

Kazakhstan Container Camp

Fully functional mining camps provide innovative solutions,
and the materials meet the civil building standards...

Papua New Guinea Container School

Two-floor modular container houses, AU standard electrical

Public Container Bathroom And Shower in UK

Shower and bathroom containers of different bathroom standards which can meet various needs...

Temporary Workers' Dormitory In Laos

6X3m detachable container...

Canadian Container House

Special treatment for thermal insulation performance, suitable for extremely cold areas...

Dutch 20 - foot Container Storage Rental Housing

with forklift beam for easy transportation and good thermal

Guyana Container Office

4 units 8*20ft container house combined, including one unit for balcony...

Lao’s Container House Camp

Residential container camps with fast installation, low
cost and high applicability...

Philippine Container Camp

Container + light steel roof model, large space utilization rate,
campsite solution with integrated office and living functions.

Singapore 3x9 m Spare Parts Case

Customized length

Zambian Container School

Two-level container house with customized height...

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