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New Zealand Light Gauge Steel Villa

1.Project No.: PT160530 
2.Date: 2016
3.Location: Saint Martin 
4.Scale: 75m²
5.Type: Light Gauge Steel 
6.Function: Holiday home
7.Feature: Small apartment LGS villa, mainly used for tourism.


Project features: The client's head office is located in Canada and has an office in Shanghai. The main business is hotel furniture and some integrated housing business. This order is a set of light gauge steel villa sample, mainly used for tourism and vacation.
It is expected that there will be bulk demand in the later period. Our company only provides materials for the steel villa house, and the interior furniture is provided by the Shanghai office.
The roof adopts 0.6mm colored steel glazed tile (orange RAL2009), one-way breathing paper, 100mm glass insulation wool; the outer wall adopts 27mmPU metal carving board (white gray RAL9016), one-way breathing paper, 12mm OSB board, 100mm glass insulation wool, 12mm Gypsum board; internal walls use 12mm gypsum board, 100mm glass insulation cotton, 12mm gypsum board, one- way breathing paper (only bathroom wall), 300*450mm wall (only bathroom wall).


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