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China prefabricated home is gradually being recognized

Abroad, China’s prefabricated homes can be seen everywhere. The advantage of integrated house is its low cost and environmental protection, which is only 1%-10% of the housing of the same area. It takes ten months or even more than a year to build an ordinary residential house. But it takes only one day or two days to build such a integrated house. 

light steel buildinglight steel house

light steel home

In Britain, integrated house has become the hope of office workers. Real estate in Britain has been booming in recent years. The shortage of new housing is the direct reason. According to statistics, newly built houses in Britain can only meet the needs of in quarter to ease the housing crisis in Britain. The British government has personally "promoted" the lightweight steel micro-integrated house, which is a small integrated house with only 60 square meters. But everything is complete.

integrated house

integrated house inner features

Foreign integrated house includes commercial office buildings, shops, industrial factories, sanatoriums, tourist villas, hotels, restaurants, civil houses, etc. The fascinating homes are gradually being recognized. Many people have seen their advantage. Rapid promotion of integrated house has become a highlight and revolution of new materials in the construction field in this century.

foreign integrated house

integrated house village

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