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Columbia Four-story Container Office Building

Item Number: PT190445

Project address: Colombia

Project Category: Container House

Project purpose: office building

Building area: 32000㎡

Plane size: four layers, the monomer is 60258*2438*3000mm


Wall requirements: 60mm rock wool sandwich panel, double-sided color steel plate 0.45mm (white gray inside, two colors outside), rock wool density 120㎏/m3, (excluding doors and windows), upper and lower color steel edge sealing

Note: The double-sided color steel plate is covered with transparent film, and the outer two colors are white and gray


Floor requirements: 18mm high-density and high-strength cement fiberboard


The structural design complies with AISI, AISC or IBC building standards. The frame needs to add an expanded built-in falling water system, the power package is removed, the roof short beams are flat, and no outdoor cable feeder is required.

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