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Container House In Finland

Date:year 2013



Category :container house+pitched roof

Function:dormitory and meeting room

Characteristics :load and insulation meet Northern Europe standards, small area living housing solutions


Project features :

A small dormitory house in Finland consists of 3 units of 20ft container and a pitched roof. Two of 20ft container contain a side toilet and a bedroom. The middle container is used as a living room, dining room and kitchen. In addition, 5 units of 20ft container are combined to form a large conference room.


The load and insulation of the house are designed according to the standards of the Northern Europe. The roof and floor are 100mmPU insulated, the windows are triple-glazed, and the power and bathroom are CE certified. PTH provides a one-stop service, interior furniture, bed, wardrobe, dining table and electrical parts are all provided by PTH.

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Container House In Finland

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