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Dutch 10 ft Welded Container Rental House

Project order No. : pt200203

Project time: 2020

Project location: Netherlands

Project scale: 12 units of 10ft flat pack container house

Product type: container

Project purpose: for leasing business of customers, for sentry box and other different purposes

Project features: 10ft flat pack container house(size of 3116 * 2438 * 2591mm), with one door and one window


Project features: the container of this project is mainly used for leasing business of customers and for sentry boxes, so it only needs 10 feet in size. One door one window design, rock wool roof, EPS wallboard and forklift beam are included in the bottom. In order to meet the local forklift specifications, the spacing of forklift beams is adjusted specially.

Dutch 10 ft welded container rental house-1

Dutch 10 ft welded container rental house-2


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