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How is the waterproof effect of PTH’s container?

One year, a rainy season came, the heavy rain caused many houses to be leaked. We are very proud of PTH’s container house for no feedback is about water leakage. 

So, how is the waterproof effect of PTH’s container?

1.PTH PU foaming integrated roof

PTH Container house uses integrated welding foaming roof. PU density: 45kg/sqm. Welding by robot that reduces the manual error. The welding seam can be good-looking and uniform without shortage of welding. The overall spray line and roof foaming equipment can make more standardized products and double accelerate the production speed. Normal detachable roof with glass wool insulation have problems of roof leakage, but PTH PU foaming integrated roof can effectively prevent the water leakage!

PU foaming integrated roof

2.The gutters on the roof 

Roof drainage channel’s widen design can prevent leakage due to excessive rain. Rainwater from the roof flows into the rainwater pipe through the roof drainage channel. And finally drains through the corner fittings outfall (Four columns are equipped with rainwater pipes and corner fittings ‘outfall). The water-falling mode is upgraded from free-falling water to column organized drainage. 

gutters on the roof

3.Seepage hole in bottom wall panel groove

The container house’s bottom wall panel groove has water seepage holes. After the rainwater enters the wall panel groove along the wall surface. The small hole can allow the rainwater to be discharged in time and effectively avoid rainwater infiltrating from the bottom.

Seepage hole of container house

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