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PTH Provide Timely Help for the People of Ecuador After Earthquake

The grade 7.8 earthquake happened in Ecuador on 16th April led to 600 deaths and over 8340 injured. Ecuador is located in the Pacific seismic belt, where volcanoes and earthquake happen a lot. The residential building with poor seismic performance is the main reason of such a huge loss this time. The earthquake happened in a relatively low level of economic development area and local people built houses regards to the cost. As a result, most of the local buildings are brick structure, rather than the main concrete frame structure.
Rutang Zhang,the chairman of Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PTH) and Ms Karina Morales ,the Consulate General of the Republic of Ecuador Consul General in Shanghai had an official meeting at the headquarters of PTH. Both parties had a discussion on how to help the people of Ecuador reconstruct their home after the earthquake and solve their needs for residence,school,toilet and food storage. At the meeting Ms Karina Morales expressed heartfelt gratitude for the generosity and social responsibility of PTH. And she also noted that the Chinese government has also provided huge assistance to Ecuador.

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Ms Karina Morales realized residential status of Ecuador and the serious consequences of this earthquake when she discussed with Mr. Zhang about the excellent earthquake resistance of PTH houses.She hoped that PTH will be able to bring affordable residential buildings with high quality, and good earthquake proof performance in future.Ms Karina Morales expressed her hope to establish long-term relationship with PTH after visiting various types of construction including container house, light steel villa and school etc. and listening the technical process of how to do with huge wind and earthquake. And she was deeply impressed by the culture value of PTH“Honest,Belief,Progressive,Responsible and Share”which is founded by Mr. Rutang Zhang.

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