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Popular Warehouse Building Structure-steel Structure Warehouse

The warehouse is a building used as a storage type, and correspondingly, there are many requirements for space separation, and there are certain requirements for building materials. Using steel structure to build a steel structure warehouse is because the steel structure column area is small and the indoor space area occupied is less. Compared with the space area occupied by the traditional reinforced concrete structure column, the indoor space separation is somewhat obstructed. The use of steel structure to build a warehouse is The more popular way nowadays.


The above picture is the steel structure warehouse project of PTH Uruguay

The steel structure is not only light weight, high strength, good plasticity, and toughness, so that the steel components can be processed and produced in different shapes. The quality and shape of the structure meet the requirements of customers. The construction week of the steel structure is short, which can reduce investment costs. The steel components can be processed in the factory, which can reduce the steps of on-site construction and production. The steel components processed in the factory have high strength and meet the standards of building construction. The material of the steel structure is environmentally friendly, and the installation is simple and convenient. The building structure that does not need to be re-used can also be rebuilt by demolishing, and the construction and demolition have little impact on the surrounding environment and will not have much impact on the surrounding environment. The material can be Recycle and reuse, reduce the waste of materials and save resources. Steel components have their own advantages, and they can have different properties when used in buildings in different industries.


The above is the PTH Dutch warehouse project

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