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Container house VS PrefabX-SPD

Both the prefab house and the container house fall under the category of prefabricated buildings. Many people are curious about the differences between the two and which one is superior. Today, we will analyze these aspects to shed light on the matter.

Firstly, the installation process varies between the two. For a container house, the process involves welding or bolting the bottom frame, followed by the assembly of the entire house frame, walls, and ceilings. Subsequently, the floor is laid, and windows, doors, water, and electricity are installed. On the other hand, prefab houses require a different approach. The construction process begins with building the foundation, typically a reinforced concrete foundation. Then, the main frame of the structure is assembled, starting with the pillars and transverse beams, followed by connecting the skeletons, adding upper partitions, outer wall panels, door, and window frames. Next, the floors are added, followed by roof truss and roof slab installation. Finally, doors and windows are installed, and vertical supports are added. The container house installation process is simpler and offers unified integrity, whereas prefab houses generally boast better structural strength.


PTH  PrefabX-SPD

Secondly, the connection method differs between the two. Container houses have their whole house frame welded or bolted with steel, resulting in a sturdy and durable structure that is highly resistant to wind and shocks. The walls and ceilings are also securely fixed to the frame, reducing the risk of detachment and leakage.

PTH container house

PTH container house

Thirdly, the decoration approach varies significantly. Container houses come with one-time decoration featuring ceramic tile flooring, walls, ceilings, water and electricity systems, doors, windows, and exhaust fans. These are designed for permanent use, offering energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Prefab houses, on the other hand, require on-site installation of walls, ceilings, water pipes, electrical circuits, lighting, doors, windows, and other equipment. This process takes longer, and achieving a high level of beauty requires more effort.

Considering these different aspects, it becomes evident that both the prefab house and the container house have their own unique advantages. Consumers can make an informed decision based on their specific needs and preferences.

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