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Instant House for Residential Community Project in Venezuela

Understanding Instant House

Instant houses are dwellings that are pre-designed and manufactured off-site, then transported and assembled on location. Unlike traditional construction methods, which can take months or even years to complete, instant houses can be erected in a matter of days or weeks.

The core principle behind instant houses is efficiency. By streamlining the construction process and utilizing standardized components, builders can drastically reduce both time and costs associated with building a home.

How They Work

Instant houses are typically constructed in a factory setting, where each component is precisely manufactured according to the design specifications. Once completed, these components are transported to the construction site and assembled by a team of skilled workers.

Benefits of Instant Houses

One of the most significant advantages of instant houses is their speed of construction. Because the majority of the building process takes place off-site, weather delays and other external factors are minimized, allowing homeowners to move in faster.


In addition to saving time, instant houses can also save money. By eliminating the need for extensive on-site labor and reducing material waste, builders can offer more competitive pricing compared to traditional construction methods.

Environmental Impact

Instant houses are also more environmentally friendly than traditional homes. By using sustainable materials and reducing energy consumption during construction, these dwellings have a smaller carbon footprint and contribute less to overall pollution levels.

Why choose PTH as your Instant Houses manufacturer?

Instant Houses

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PTH boasts a well-established procurement supply chain encompassing raw materials for products, kitchen and bathroom accessories, home equipment, and other essential facilities. Annually, PTH conducts rigorous quality evaluations of suppliers, firmly dismissing those who fail to meet the standards, thereby ensuring product quality from the very beginning of the supply chain.


PTH owns hundreds of fully automatic mechanized production lines, which ensures high production efficiency and timely delivery. In the manufacturing process, PTH can provide production progress reports to customers through pictures and video. PTH has a professional quality inspection team which takes strict quality control in each process, and make sure defect product never be delivered to client.


With over 20 years of international logistics expertise, PTH is adept at offering customers optimal transportation routes, customs clearance, commodity inspection, and other related services, effectively achieving "door-to-door" delivery.


Quality is the cornerstone of enterprise vitality and the bedrock of sustainable growth. PTH adheres rigorously to the ISO9000 quality system, conducting quality control at every stage, from material procurement to product delivery.

For outsourced raw materials and accessories, they are subject to inspection by the ICQC team. The ICQC team conducts inspections in accordance with the "Raw Material Inspection Regulations" to ensure that the material meets technical specifications and quality standards outlined by the GB standard. Subsequently, inspection records, quality control documents, and test reports are uploaded to the ERP system.

PTH makes random inspection system for the manufacturing process. IPQC makes

daily random inspection according to the quality requirement of each order, so as to

avoid defect products.

The production team also set up process quality report system. Only those qualified

products can be transferred to the next process.


PTH devises the most suitable packaging plan based on structural characteristics and quality requirements. Utilizing a modular package design for spare parts significantly reduces package volume. Each module's spare parts are packed separately, facilitating easy transportation and installation. This modular approach simplifies loading and unloading processes, leading to significant reductions in labor costs.


PTH offers comprehensive and detailed installation drawings for its products. With a team of professional photographers and post-production experts, PTH can produce installation videos that intuitively demonstrate the installation steps and details of the product.

Drawing from experience in overseeing on-site installations for numerous projects such as Mozambican light steel villa resorts and Chilean container camps, PTH provides extensive guidance. It offers EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) construction services and technical support tailored to customers' needs, ensuring smooth and secure construction of the desired houses. This commitment ensures customers can truly "Check-in" to their new homes with confidence.

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Rutang ZHANG

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