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Prefabricated Office Building

A pre engineered steel building from General Steel is an efficient solution for an office building. PTH steel office buildings offer business owners and real estate developers the opportunity to create custom spaces to meet your company's needs.

Each steel office building we manufacture is designed to include enough space for employee offices, conference rooms, storage and any other room you require. Steel buildings are also a better investment than traditional building materials as their energy efficiency reduces costs and their durability results in fewer maintenance costs.

prefabricated office building construction  prefabricated office building construction site

Project Overview

Product Type: Steel Structure

Project Location: Jamaica

Building area: 869 square meters

Plane size: 12.5m * 30.8m

Uses: office building


The client wants to build a steel-structured office building in Jamaica. The basic structure of the building is as follows: steel frame, the outer wall is a brick wall (customers take care of it), the inner wall uses a light steel structure wall, and other interior decorations consider office requirements Designed by PTH, the doors and windows are designed according to the door and window table in the customer's drawings (windows are anti-hurricane windows). Floor load of 2 floors is 317kg/m2, roof load is 195kg/m2.

prefabricated office building dimension figure

prefabricated office building dimension figure-2

prefabricated office building dimension figure-3

prefabricated office building dimension figure-4

prefabricated office building dimension figure-5

prefabricated office building dimension figure-6

prefabricated office building dimension figure-7

prefabricated office building detailed dimensional drawing for construction

prefabricated office building detailed dimensional drawing for construction-3

prefabricated office building detailed dimensional drawing for construction-2

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