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PTH Build Best Prefabricated Hotel Rooms

Prefabricated Hotel Rooms

Prefabricated Hotel Rooms

PTH possesses a team of over 100 architects and engineers both domestically and internationally, dedicated to providing tailored design services for clients with diverse requirements. Our approach involves utilizing pertinent information from construction projects to create building models, which are then simulated digitally to accurately represent real-world building data.

PTH Prefabricated Hotel Rooms Case

One notable project occurred in 2013 when PTH was selected as the primary contractor for constructing the largest resort hotel in Mozambique. Spanning across 8,000 square meters, the project held a total worth of USD 840,000.

In Mozambique, the scarcity of hotels, especially boutique ones in resort areas, posed a challenge in meeting tourists' accommodation demands. PTH's endeavor in building a boutique hotel addressed this gap in the local resort hotel market.

Being a significant turn-key solution endeavor, PTH provided comprehensive solutions tailored to the clients' requirements. The project encompassed meticulous design, thorough engineering, fabrication, and ultimate construction, all executed with utmost dedication and expertise.

PTH prefabricated hotel rooms case

The Design of Prefabricated Hotel Rooms Case

The initial design phase adheres closely to the client's specifications and local building regulations. Once approval is obtained from the local authorities, PTH proceeds to create detailed shop drawings for production.

This resort hotel project comprises 50 single-story villas, each spanning 89 square meters. Each villa is divided into four functional areas: two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one living room. The houses come fully equipped with air conditioning units and all necessary bathroom fixtures.

Moreover, the hotel's public areas feature various entertainment amenities, including bars, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and more.

The design of prefabricated hotel rooms case

As to the construction material part : The framing system contains: moisture-proofing and thermal insulation roof, the material layers from outside to inside are asphalt shingle, house, OSB board, fiber glass, foil film, adhesive tape, stud, gypsum board ceiling.

The maintenance system contains wall--material layers from outside to inside are 27mm metal carved board, house wrap, OSB board, stud, fiberglass, and gypsum board.

The maintenance system


The maintenance system 2 The maintenance system 3

Client Feedback of PTH Prefabricated Hotel Rooms

We utilize a BIM system to oversee and manage the entire project efficiently. Additionally, PTH offers online technical support or on-site maintenance services as per the client's needs.

The resort hotel project has successfully commenced operations, generating substantial profits for the local area. This initiative has significantly contributed to the growth of Mozambique's tourism industry while effectively addressing the gap in the local resort hotel market.

Client feedback

Client feedback 2

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