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2-Story Commercial Building On St. Martin

A two-story steel structure + light steel wall project on St. Martin, with a construction area of approximately 500 square meters. The first floor is for commercial use and is divided into three stores, designed with large glass windows and doors; on the second floor are four offices.

Customers have relatively high quality requirements, and doors and windows are all made of materials with the highest specifications of PTH. The net height of the first floor is 3.5 meters, and the lowest point of the second floor is 3 meters. The guardrail adopts invisible glass guardrail.


Steel structure commercial building features

Wall requirements: 27mm metal carved board + OSB + breathing paper + glass wool + gypsum board / cement fiber board.

Inner wall: gypsum board on both sides, filled with rock wool in the middle.

Roofing requirements: 75mm rock wool/glass wool sandwich panel

Floor requirements: floor deck + cast-in-place cement

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Story Commercial Building On St. Martin-3Story Commercial Building On St. Martin-2Story Commercial Building On St. Martin

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