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2024 Top 10 China prefab container homes manufacturers

If you're in search of container homes, you'll discover some of the most trustworthy container home manufacturers in China. There are numerous compelling reasons to contemplate opting for container homes. They boast a lightweight design, are environmentally friendly, and offer mobility. Whether you're looking to enhance your outdoor activities, embrace a nomadic lifestyle by taking your home wherever you relocate, or create a botanical haven or personal pod adjacent to your residence, container homes are a versatile solution.Therefore, for all things related to container homes, this post aims to provide comprehensive information to address your inquiries about the product.

Key Regions in China for the Container Home Industry

China stands as a prominent force in the production of various global products, showcasing commendable capabilities in mass production. According to Drewry (2021), a consultancy firm, over 96% of the world's dry goods containers and 100% of its refrigerated containers are manufactured in Chinese facilities.

This manufacturing prowess is evident in the construction of the World Cup venues in 2022. Key projects like the Fan Village Cabins Free Zone and Qatar Stadium 974 prominently feature container homes, all of which are crafted in China.

Top 10 Container Home Manufacturers in China

Certainly, while there are numerous container home manufacturers in China, not all of them can match the quality delivered by the top manufacturers in this industry. In this section, we have compiled a list of the best and most dependable Chinese container home manufacturers that you should explore.


Established in 2008, this company stands as a benchmark for quality production, boasting an annual output of 300,000 units, 20 research and development sites, 50 granted patents, international certifications, and an advanced FREMACED production line dedicated to steel structures, specifically for crafting light steel villas.

In addition to its extensive distribution within China, it exports its products to over 100 countries, maintaining an affiliate office in Canada and a production plant in Brazil.

Main business

PTH specializes in manufacturing shipping container homes designed for educational and camp buildings, as well as residential, hotel, and warehouse container structures.

Overall remark

PTH is highly recommended due to its cutting-edge production lines and robust international presence, all offered at very reasonable price ranges.

2. Guizu – Container Home Manufacturer in China


Established in 2008, this company specializes in prefab, container homes, modular homes, and steel and metal products. With a network of at least 90 branches across China, they actively collaborate with government agencies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). On the international front, Guizu is a supplier of shipping container homes and other products in various countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the USA, Malaysia, South Africa, and Papua New Guinea.

Main business

Guizu's key products encompass flat pack, foldable, expandable, and detachable shipping container homes, as well as prefab and modular homes.

Overall remark

Choosing Guizu is highly recommended due to their reliable production line, robust domestic and international presence, and a diverse range of high-quality products.

3. Huasha – Container Home Manufacturer in China


For over two decades, this company has been engaged in the production and distribution of mobile and prefab homes. Over the years, they have diversified their product range to include granny flats, container homes, and more.

Situated in Nantong, a burgeoning industrial region in China, its production markets span across China, Oceania, South America, and Northern Europe.

Main business

Huasha's key products encompass foldable and expandable container homes, granny flats, prefab homes, container homes, and Mongolian yurts, among others.

Overall remark

A compelling reason to opt for Huasha is their esteemed reputation in Chinese markets, coupled with a diverse array of products specializing in mobile homes and beyond.

4. Suzhou Zhongnan -Container Home Manufacturer in China

Suzhou Zhongnan

With over a decade of expertise, Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd 's products are distributed within the domestic market and exported to countries such as the US, Italy, the UK, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and more. We have established enduring partnerships with renowned construction enterprises globally.

Main business

Specializes in the development, production, and servicing of container houses, prefab kit houses, and various types of sandwich panels.

Overall remark

Its standout feature lies in its extensive international presence. The production line is configured to meet global standards, facilitating seamless integration of its brand and products into regulated markets, including Europe, Canada, and Singapore, among others.

5. Guangzhou Kinghouse-Container Home Manufacturer in China

Guangzhou Kinghouse

Guangzhou Kinghouse Modular House Technology Co., Ltd is situated in Guangzhou, encompassing design, production, sale, and installation. With a dedicated focus on prefabricated houses, we have been in the industry for over 20 years.

Main business

We are mainly engaged in movable house, steel structure plant, light steel combination room, light steel villa, portable container house, non-standard shaped movable house, steel structure shed, prefab fence, steel and auxiliary.

Overall remark

Equipped with advanced technology, state-of-the-art facilities, scientific management practices, and experienced engineers,  earned recognition as a dependable supplier for numerous domestic and international buyers.

6. TD Container House-Container Home Manufacturer in China

TD Container House

Founded in 2002, Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., commonly known as TD Container, stands as a premier Chinese manufacturer specializing in containers and prefab houses. Holding ISO:9001, CE, and SGS certifications, our products reach over 85 countries globally. We have established collaborations with top 500 companies, including Switzerland's Roche, USA's Johnson & Johnson, Germany's Volkswagen, and more.

Main business

Flat pack container houses, shipping container houses, prefabricated houses, sandwich panels, and steel structures, which can be designed and built as customers demand.

Overall remark

The container homes produced by TD Container House company are of outstanding quality, with a robust structure and unique design. Their service attitude is also excellent, responding promptly to customer needs. They are a trustworthy manufacturer.

7. GS Housing – Container Home Manufacturer in China

GS Housing

GS Housing was established in 2001, and its headquarters is situated in Beijing. The company has several branch offices throughout China, including locations in Hainan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Huizhou, Xiong’an, and Tianjin.

Main business

GS Housing specializes in manufacturing flat-packed container homes, prefab and modular houses, resettlement houses, and steel structures.

Overall remark

What sets GS Housing apart is their robust research and development efforts, substantial production capacity, and a comprehensive, streamlined manufacturing process that extends to after-sales services.

8. Topindus group – Container Home Manufacturer in China

Topindus group

For the past two decades, Topindus group has been focusing on container housing, establishing itself as a designated supplier in this field. Drawing from its wealth of experience, the company has become a prominent participant in the competition area of the Beijing.

Main business

Foldable container house, expandable container house, flat pack container etc.

Overall remark

Utilize materials resistant to corrosion and weathering to enhance your living experience, ensuring durability for up to 10 to 15 years.  The easy and rapid installation, coupled with the use of recyclable materials, not only helps in cost savings but also contributes to environmental preservation.

9. Max Prefabricated House – Container Home Manufacturer in China

Max Prefabricated House

Max Prefabricated House, a manufacturer specializing in prefab container house systems since 2009, boasts an abundance of technical expertise. With a mastery of advanced research and development technology, we exhibit flexibility and agility, enabling us to deliver projects within tight timeframes without compromising on quality.

Main business

Specialize in the design, manufacturing, and construction of high-quality, environmentally friendly prefab container houses, including FLATPACK container houses, KNOCKDOWN container houses, EASYFOLD collapsible container houses, FASTKIT container houses, DETACHABLE container houses, EXPANDABLE container houses, LOFT container houses, PORTABLE buildings, T/H modular buildings, trailers, steel structure PREFAB warehouses, GUARD houses, and PORTABLE toilets.

Overall remark

Rich experience in the field of container homes, with exquisite craftsmanship and reliable quality. Their design team is creative, providing us with a unique living space.

10. C-Box -Container Home Manufacturer in China


Established in 2007, this shipping container home manufacturer operates its own production plant in Guangdong, boasting an impressive annual output of 200,000 container homes. Functioning as a comprehensive one-stop shop from production to installation, C-Box has solidified its reputation in the pre-fab and container homes market.Over the course of 15 years, C-Box has introduced 46 patented products and technologies, positioning itself as a leading Chinese manufacturer that prioritizes green solutions in its production processes.

Main business

C-Box's key products encompass container houses, portable toilets, light steel villas, and prefab homes.

Overall remark

C-Box container homes come highly recommended due to their extensive experience and a diverse range of products. The manufacturer's substantial manufacturing capability further adds to its appeal.

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