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Africa Steel Structure Gabon Hotel

Project overview:

Project time: 2011.04-2011.12

Project location: Gabon Hotel, Africa

Project scale: 30 suites; 2 buildings with 70 rooms

Project introduction:

The project is two hotels located in Libreville and Franceville, Gabon, Africa. The purpose is to accommodate the participants of the 2012 African Football Cup. The scale facilities of the two buildings are exactly the same. Each building group hotel consists of 2 3-story themed buildings and 3 1-story annex buildings. The building is a prefabricated structure built on a concrete foundation. After the prefabricated part of the building was built and produced in the PTH factory in China, it was directly transported to the local area for installation. PTH sent a professional construction and installation team of nearly 100 people to install.

Building complex structure (each)

Building A, 3 floors

Ground floor: lobby, restaurant, bar, kitchen, service room, office, 3 changing rooms, massage room, gym, sauna room, computer room, laundry room, generator room, toilet, 4 elevators

1st floor, 20 suites, 1 service room

2 floors, 10 suites, 20 single rooms, 1 service room


Building B, three floors

Ground floor: 16 bedrooms, 1 service room, 2 elevators

1st floor: 17 single rooms, 1 service room

2nd floor: 17 single rooms, 1 service room


Building C:

Outdoor bar, outdoor barbecue area, outdoor cold drink service area, outdoor changing room


Building D:

Swimming pool technical room

E building:

Refrigerator room, freezer room, garbage room, drying room, equipment room


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