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Emporary Workers' Dormitory In Laos

Project No:PT180634              



Scale :8 units 6X3m detachable container

Category:Container house

Function:temporary worker dormitory

Size:6X3m detachable container


Project features: 

In order to make full use of space, client choose PTH’s standard  detachable container for temporary dormitory of workers. The size of  each one is 6008mmx3000mm and the height is 2.60m with 1 door and 2 windows,


Solution advantages:

1. All components are mechanized production, one-piece molding, high production accuracy.

2. The upper part of the component contains reserved holes. Including 12mm threaded holes and self-tapping screw pre-holes, no need to stake out holes on site.

3. The structure is easy to install, the types of components are few, and the installation on site is convenient.

4. Wall panels can be interchanged in position and compatible with a variety of housing uses.

5. For special areas with high temperature requirements, the insulation can be achieved by replacing the wall panels and increasing the top and bottom insulation.

Emporary Workers Dormitory In Laos

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