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Workers' Dormitory in Laos Container Camp

Project Overview

Project Time: 2013

Project Location: Laos

Project scale: 32 units*20ft living rooms+8 sets*20fts toilet and shower room

Product usage: workers container camp dormitory

Why Customers Choose PTH

This project perfectly matches with PTH’s main products, and all the requirement is general standard of PTH, which could  bring customer the best product and service.

Project Description

The project is a duplex container house for staff accommodation. There are 8 sets standard containers and 1 set toilet container and 1 set shower room container, and a single across stair outside the house, the total structure is concise.
Workers Dormitory in Laos Container Camp
                                                Three-dimensional layout

Workers Dormitory in Laos Container Camp (2)
                                               Three-dimensional layout

Project Features and Selling Points

With characteristics of quick installation, low cost and high applicability, container house is the best choice for site  residence.


Logistics and Transportation 

There are total 8 40ft HQs with total gross weight 75,000kgs, and are delivered by Ningbo port by 2 batches with each 4 ones. In addition to 40 sets of containers, we also arrange 1 set simple gantry crane and 4 sets three glass sucker for installation.


Onsite Installation

The installation of container house and eco home is relatively simple. Add four pillars to support container house before  install the container bottom and then install the main structure according to bottom, column, tank top, wall system, and finally the light steel roof and single cross stairs, walkways.

Laos Container Camp

                                                     Installation drawings 1

Laos Container Camp-1

                                                     Installation drawings 2

Workers Dormitory in Laos Container Camp-4 Workers Dormitory in Laos Container Camp-5
Workers Dormitory in Laos Container Camp-3



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