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Environment Sustainability

We are committed to ensuring PTH plays a positive role within wider society, and we strive to minimize any negative environmental and social impact PTH's operations may have. We achieve this by conserving energy and resources throughout our operations. Be it the choice of raw materials or the manufacturing process, the design of innovative products or site installation and servicing at the client premises, we leave no leaf unturned and make the best efforts to reduce the environmental impact. With almost 10 years of experience working with leading customers among over 60 countries, we believe that our actions, products, and services have produced a positive impact in the environment.

‘Pre-cycle’ Methodology

Pre-cycling is eliminating the very creation of waste – as the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’. This is why we entered into the business of prefabrication which practices off-site manufacturing process that helps the construction industry reduce waste. By prefabricating building units in a quality controlled environment offers the construction industry benefits in terms of time and cost predictability, health and safety, and enhanced skills. Modular construction helps reduce some of the significant waste streams in traditional construction, and plasterboard up to 36%. Effectively we are able to achieve up to 90% reduction in wastes by using off-site manufacturing and modular building construction. Building portable modules results in a lot of energy conservation.

Eco-friendly Products and Services

PTH produces eco-friendly products and services that conserves energy, eliminates material waste, and preserves water, through our lean manufacturing process.
 Innovatively designing and manufacturing a range of camp utilities including water treatment, waste water and sewage treatment, fuel and water storage tanks, and storm water management capabilities, we make sure that we take actions to conserve the environment. 

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