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Multi-story Building

Multi-story Building Prefabricated House Solutions

Steel structure has feature of light weight, high strength, fast construction, etc., high-level, large-span building with steel is particularly desirable. 80% of the world's tallest buildings are of steel structure. 

PTH Multi-Story Steel Structure Building projects are managed by BIM system, with a R & D design team of more than 30 registered structural engineer, architect, professional designers, allow us to provide One-Stop Project Solution, which start from project planning, design, construction design and shop drawing design, construction management, to transportation and installation.

The advantages of multi-story steel buildings:
1.Improving 5% to 8% of the space utilization compare to brick structure. Use lightweight and easily removable material. 
2.The steel is recyclable, compliance with building energy conservation and environmental protection requirements
3.Thanks to the high level of industrialization, and site construction assembly, greatly shorten the construction period.
4.Less wet work, help clean the construction site of civilization and the surrounding environment
Compared with the traditional buildings, steel structure weight can reduce more than 30%, greatly reducing the cost base.
1.Building  Structure System Solution
Structure System Types: Steel Frame System, Steel Frame+Brace System and etc.
Anti-seismic: Steel structure has good anti-seismic performance, it could meet different anti-seismic requirements(it will be designed by the local construction regulations)
Load: Structural load strength will be designed by the local construction regulations.
Anti-rust: the shot blasting grade of steel components is Sa2.5, and painted with epoxy zinc-rich painting
Fireproof: steel components will be painted by fireproof painting or covered with waterproof panels to extend the fireproof time.
2.Building Wall System Solution
The characteristics of exterior wall of high rise steel structure building: 
Meeting principles: Wall insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fireproof, waterproof, anti-freezing, anti-aging, weather-resistant etc.
We study and well know the performance and characteristics of the external wall materials of the steel structure, and provide the best solution referring to different customer needs.
Pattern Wall type one Wall type two Wall type three Wall type four
Image table1 table2 table3 table4
Desc. ALC plate wall structure.
With fly ash or silica sand, 
cement and lime as the main raw materials, concrete forming plate
by high-pressure steam.
Foam concrete composite wall.
Form a cavity wall by using light
steel keel as vertical horizontal
support. Pour foam concrete to cavity field, self-heat insulation system forms when hardened.
Foam concrete fireproof and thermal insulation composite wall.
It is similar with wall type two in structure and practice.
Foam concrete composite wall.
Use combined grid structure
of the steel keel as wall frame, and combined with fixed gypsum board
Adv. Heat preservation, fire resist, sound insulation. Heat preservation, fire resist, sound insulation. Heat preservation, fire resist, sound insulation. Heat preservation, fire resist, sound insulation.
3.Floor system solution of building
Meet principles on floor load, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, weather resistance, etc. We study and well know the performance and characteristics of the floor materials of the steel structure, and provide the best solution referring to different customer needs.
Floor slab: compression plate concrete composite floor slab cast in place
4. The roof system solution
Building gives us the most intuitive impression, as the fifth facade of building, the roof forms can be divided into pitched roof and plane roof:
a.Typical method of roof : Pressed steel plate cast-in-situ with concrete floor slab and combined with light steel roofing--Sloped Roof covered with Tile.
Beautiful shape, colorful with a powerful ornament, flexible combination, which can decorate different architectural styles.
b.Typical method of flat roof : pressed steel plate cast-in-situ with concrete roofing
5. Doors and Windows system solution:
Outside doors and Windows are the weakest parts of  the residential for the energy consumption, if there is a requirement for thermal insulation in buildings, we need to use insulated windows and doors.
The door structure consists of the door frame and door leaf. And inside door frame is filled with thermal insulation materials, the door will have good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance by adding heat preservation sound insulation layer in the inside of the door leaf.
The window which has the thermal insulation requirements is outside window. The window can be divided into 3 window types according to the opening method: casement window, push-pull window and pivoted window. According to the window frame profiles, it can be divided into PVC plastic steel window and aluminum alloy window.
6. Building vertical transportation system solutions
In many high-rise residential buildings, stairs are mainly used for vertical evacuation, steel stairs are divided into outdoor steel stairs and indoor steel stairs:
The steel structure building is preferred to use steel stairs, avoiding the diversity complexity of materials and installation process, and cost savings. Because of fire requirement for steel stairs, 5cm fine stone concrete protective layer should be carried out on the stairs.
The oblique beams are the main structural elements for the supporting system of steel structure stair. The step of stairs are mainly treads. The railing is normally paralleled with the oblique beam of stairs.
As the main tool, elevator is essential to solve the vertical transport problem of high-rise buildings. Many high-rise residential elevators are mainly vertical operation car elevators, it includes vertical well hole and elevator equipment.

We outfit the number of elevators and its carrying capacity according to covered area, the capacity and fire protection requirements, in order to avoid the waste of resources. We will decide whether to provide solutions according to customer’s needs.
7. Building decoration solution
Building lines have a certain protective effect for the external walls and interior decoration, the building lines must be economical, durable and convenient for the installation in many high-rise multi-floor steel structure construction.
Several basic types of lines: outdoor carving, window cover line, door cover line, belt line, cornice line and indoor ceiling line and lines are divided to GRC lines, EPS lines according to the commonly used Material 
a.GRC line
GRC line: GRC decoration elements are mainly made of alkali resistant fiber glass as the auxiliary material to strength the structure, the low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement as the cementing material and yellow sand or quartz sand.
b.EPS line
EPS decorative components is a new product extended with the development of external wall thermal insulation materials and GRC components industry. The main material is based on the polystyrene insulation board, cut into various lines by using electric wire cutting equipment of plate.
8. Drawings
9. QC 
The workshop is managed by 5S management system, unqualified products is not allowed to be warehoused.
10. Packaging and Shipment
Integrated Racking Shelf is used to pack the goods to ensure the shipment safety and convenience of loading and unloading goods.  PTH cooperates with reliable forwarders to make the most suitable, economic, and safest shipping solution.
11. Installation
a. Middle-sized and small-sized project
Based on economy consideration, PTH normally suggests the client install it by themselves. We will provide installation drawings or similar project installation video.
b.Big size and special projects
PTH will provide installation service or installation guidance for this kind project and, meanwhile, it will be charged.
12. After-sales Service
PTH provide its worldwide clients the best after-sales service.
We will guarantee the main structure for 2 years inartificial damage, and provide 1% more spare parts as back up.

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