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Multi Storey Building Prefabricated House Solutions

Steel structure has feature of light weight, high strength, fast construction, etc., high-level, large-span building with steel is particularly desirable. 80% of the world's tallest buildings are of steel structure. 

PTH Multi Storey Steel Structure Building projects are managed by BIM system, with a R & D design team of more than 30 registered structural engineer, architect, professional designers, allow us to provide One-Stop Project Solution, which start from project planning, design, construction design and shop drawing design, construction management, to transportation and installation.

The advantages of multi storey steel buildings:
 1.Improving 5% to 8% of the space utilization compare to brick structure; Use lightweight and easily removable material 
 2.The steel is recyclable, compliance with building energy conservation and environmental protection requirements
 3.Thanks to the high level of industrialization, and site construction assembly, greatly shorten the construction period
 4.Less wet work, help clean the construction site of civilization and the surrounding environment; Compared with the traditional buildings...

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