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Soaring Aspiration--The Team-Building Activity of PTH

PTH has always been focused on corporate culture and the team building. A good team is the biggest advantage in current market environment. Fellows from PTH gathered at Lake Xiang on 19th Nov., they took part in a very interesting activity which combines life,profession, skills, customer service and products.

The host Rill organized a spectacular warm-up activities and each attendee got excited. And the business skills PK program followed,"Sincere Team" and "Build The Dream Team" eventually won the championship and second prize respectively.

People engaged in the warm-up games

                               People engaged in the warm-up games

Business skills competition

                                   Business skills competition

Chairman of PTH, Mr. Zhang took part in the PK

                      Chairman of PTH, Mr. Zhang took part in the PK

We’ve made it!1

We’ve made it!2

We’ve made it!3

                                                                                                                  We've made it!

Outdoor barbecue1

Outdoor barbecue2

Outdoor barbecue in the sunshine was also impressive, everyone show their barbecue skills and cook delicious food. In addition to communication at work, they have got to know each other more in other aspects such as life, interest. At the same time, they were further impressed by the team culture "Mind Together, Team Cohesion".


PTH is focused on providing integrated housing solutions for the construction builders, design institutes, developers and
construction material traders. Established in 2008, PTH’s professional products and services have reached more than 100 countries and regions around the world. PTH mainly provides 6 major integrated housing solutions including PC modular house, multi-story building, steel structure building, container house, light steel villa and eco home.

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