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Steel Structure Building Development in Green Environmental Protection

The traditional construction industry consumes a lot of cement and energy, which is also difficult to recycle. It is a new topic of revolutionary construction to find more environmentally friendly building materials.

Steel structure building

Steel structure building with the advantage of Light weight, quickly construction, environmental materials, energy saving. It can be completely adapted to the construction of the green revolution, and the future large-scale use of steel structure in construction technology. 

Steel structure building

Steel structure building has good seismic performance and construction speed is quick. The characteristics of the steel can be recycled, which also meet the requirements of the current green building, but it is not applied frequently in civil construction because of high cost.

Steel structure building

Steel structure of the pilot has been worked already, but the overall development lags behind, the main reason is not formed its own industrial development.

In fact, in recent years, our country has achieved remarkable results in the fields of energy-saving and ground-saving type construction, promoting housing industrialization, steel structure green energy-saving residential construction.

Steel structure building

It is hoped that all countries can publicize and demonstrate the advantages and development prospects of the steel structure housing industry, and promote the development of the real steel structure industry towards green environmental protection, especially in the aspect of coating composition, to solve the pollution problem of steel structure production.

Steel structure building

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