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20 ft Container Accommodation For Sale

1. Project No: PT180401

2. Date: 2018

3. Location: New Caledonia

4. Scale: 4 units 20ft container

5. Category: Container house

6. Function: Family house

7. Characteristics: 20ft flat pack container, Fast installation and reasonable space utilization.


New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation(1)

Project Design


6058x2438mm,Height: 2591mm,Indoor net height: 2320mm. Roof is 70mm PU integrated foam, wall is75mm EPS sandwich panel, Floor is 18mm fiber cement board + PVC floor

Material parameters

1. Box frame: All profiles are made of Q345B low-alloy carbon structural steel. All profiles of the frame are hot-dip galvanized. After the welding machine is completed, the whole powder spray paint is processed.

2. Box top board: 70mmPU foam roof, color steel plate upper panel thickness 0.40mm, lower panel thickness 0.40mm, color white gray, aluminum zinc zinc AZ50g/m2+PE baking paint 15/5um.

3. Wall panel: 75mm EPS sandwich panel wall surface. EPS density 12kg/m3, color steel plate thickness 0.40mm, aluminized zinc AZ50g/m2+PE paint 15/5um

4. Ground parameters: 1.8mm PVC floor + 18mm cement fiber board. The color of PVC floor is wood grain. The PVC floor of the bathroom is replaced with a 2.5mmPVC floor with gray dots.

5. Door leaf: D1: 950x2080mm inner sleeve steel door D2: 700x2000mm plastic steel door D3: 1500x2100mm aluminum alloy tempered glass sliding door (insect screen)

6. Sash: W1: 1130x1100mm nested aluminum alloy single glass sliding window (insect screen)

W2: 1130x1100mm nested aluminum alloy single glass sliding window (insect screen)

W3: 800x400 aluminum alloy single glass sliding window (embossed glass + insect screen) S1: 300x300mmPVC ventilation fan.

Container Camp in Philippine 1


The preliminary design is made in accordance to client’s requirement and local building code. After getting the permission by local authority, PTH will do the shop drawing for production.

New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 1New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 2New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family AccommodationNew Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 5New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 7

Production delivery

PROCUREMENT: PTH has a mature procurement supply chain, including product raw materials, kitchen andbathroom accessories, home equipment and other supporting facilities. Each year, PTH conducts quality assessments of suppliers, resolutely rejects unqualified suppliers, and guarantees the quality of products from the source.

PRODUCTION: PTH owns hundreds of fully automatic mechanized production line, which ensures high production efficiency and timely delivery. In the manufacturing process, PTH can provide production progress reports to customers through pictures and video. PTH has a professional quality inspection team which takes strict quality control in each process, and make sure defect product never be delivered to client.

TRANSPORTATION: PTH, who has more than 20 years of international logistics experience. can provide customers with the best transportation routes, customs declaration, commodity inspection and other services, and truly realizes "door to door."

Kazakhstan container camp 43_

Kazakhstan container camp 35_

Production Pictures

Quality is the life of a enterprise and the foundation of sustainable development. PTH strictly follows the ISO9000 quality system and make quality control in each process from material procurement to finish product delivery.

For the outsourcing raw material and accessories, it is reported to the ICQC team for inspection. ICQC will inspect according to “Raw Material Inspection Regulations”, make sure the material technical specs and quality meets GB standard, then upload the inspection record, QC document and test report to ERP system.

Kazakhstan container camp 6

PTH makes random inspection system for the manufacturing process. IPQC makes daily random inspection according to the quality requirement of each order, so as to avoid defect products.

The production team also set up process quality report system. Only those qualified products can be transferred to the next process.

Project production scenarios

Project production scenarios 1

Project production scenarios 2

Project production scenarios 3

Customer feedback

New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation(1)New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 8New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 9New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 10New Caledonia 20 ft Container Family Accommodation 11

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