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Steel Church Buildings

Church facilities are requiring more versatile spaces, making a steel building a great fit for new construction. Safety and design are at the forefront of all-metal church buildings, and the strength and flexibility of steel construction give organizations the best of buildings.

PTH steel church buildings overlook view  PTH steel church buildings front view

Steel Church Buildings Overview

Project Location: Saint Lucia

Project size: 7000 square meters

Project Type: Steel Church Frame

Use: Church


This is a steel church project in Saint Lucia with a total construction area of 7,000 square meters. The customer provided the drawings. PTH needs to be optimized according to the drawings. The steel structure frame is required. The roof requires aluminum-magnesium-manganese slabs. The floor requires concrete in-situ pouring. The project is currently under construction.

steel church building overall structure-1

steel church building overall structure-2

steel church building overall structure-3

steel church building overall structure-4

steel church building overall structure-5

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