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The Results of The Fire Test of Light Steel Buildings Are Amazing!

People have always been very vigilant about the fire protection arrangement of steel structure buildings. Among them, the most rapidly developing light steel buildings have attracted the most attention. So what is the fire resistance of light steel buildings?

1. Glass fiber cotton is Class A fireproof it can be said to be non-combustible;

2. Ou Song board has a certain degree of fire resistance, fire resistance for more than one hour;

3. Graphite polystyrene board is Class B1 fireproof, it shrinks in case of fire, and self-extinguishes away from the fire;

4. The outer metal layer of the metal carved board has fireproof properties.

Light Steel Keel Fire-resistant

As the main skeleton of residential steel buildings, they bear great pressure, support for a long time, and are easy to install and not easy to deform. The light steel keel ensures the robustness and stability of the house, making the steel building house far superior to the brick-concrete structure in terms of earthquake resistance, which is very suitable for the construction of houses in earthquake-prone areas.

Ordinary hot-dip galvanized products are usually used at a temperature not exceeding 230℃ and will change color at 250℃. The aluminum-zinc plate can be used for a long time at 315℃ without discoloration. The aluminum-zinc-plated steel sheet with heat-resistant passivation treatment is heated for 120 hours at 300°C, and its color change is smaller than that of aluminum plate and aluminum-plated plate.

Wall Structure of Light Steel Structure System

The wall structure of the room with ordinary light steel structure system, from the inside to the outside are: internal wall gypsum board, light steel keel (the keel contains noise-reducing and thermal insulation rock wool or glass wool or thermal insulation mortar), OSB board, and breathing paper, nano microcrystalline foam insulation board, exterior wall decoration board.

This kind of wall structure ensures the basic functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention, heat preservation, anti-theft, and sound insulation of the house, and its functionality is definitely not worse than that of brick-concrete structure.

When dealing with the wall, floor or ceiling structure of light steel houses, or cover the middle of both sides of the keel with multi-layer flame retardant materials to improve the fire resistance of the light steel keel. This approach is the most common structural form of light steel villas. According to customer needs, based on the original wall structure, materials with better fire resistance can be replaced or added to make the comprehensive fire protection coefficient of light steel buildings reach a higher level.

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