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The Steel Structure Construction Expert With 20 Years of Experience

The advantages of steel structure building are durability, design flexibility and sustainability. Nowadays, the steel frame system is composed of H-beam, Z-beam, C-beam, and secondary steel members, which are widely used in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Whether you need a warehouseworkshopsteel shedoffice building or any other building, PTH's steel frame can meet your functional requirements and exceed your visual expectations.

steel structure building construction

Large steel structures often face many challenges. Sometimes during the manufacturing of steel beams in large projects, it will take too much valuable time and increase costs. This is when PTH can help. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing steel structures, we can easily cope with challenging steel prefabrications.

PTH has more than 20 years of experience for manufacturing steel structure building  steel structure building real picture of warehouse

Our recent successful cases include the production of steel frame components for hotels, office buildings, and logistics centers. After one-to-one professional consulting services with customers, according to the needs of customers and unique features of different projects, we propose design solutions to provide customers with safe, applicable and economic steel structure products.

1. Steel Structure Hotel Project in Gabon

This is a three-story hotel built in Gabon, with a total area of 9350 square meters and more than 200 guest rooms. This project perfectly integrates the traditional steel structure and the new light steel structure. The mainframe adopts the traditional steel structure, and the roof and wall maintenance systems adopt the light steel keel. In the meantime, PTH provides a one-stop service in design, procurement, production, and installation.

Steel Structure Hotel project in Gabon  Steel Structure Hotel construction in Gabon

Steel Structure Hotel picture in Gabon

2. Steel Structure Logistics Center in the Virgin Islands

This is the first large-scale logistics distribution center project undertaken by PTH. The biggest challenge of this project is to make good planning and design for warehousing, logistics, people flow, and other issues. PTH completed this challenge by setting up a distribution center integrated of inventory and logistics with a total building area of more than 10000 square meters.

Steel Structure Logistics Centers in the Virgin Islands  Steel Structure Logistics Centers construction in the Virgin Islands

Steel Structure Logistics Centers project in the Virgin Islands

3. Steel Structure Warehouse in India

The steel warehouse in India is a multi-span project with a large volume of a single building, with a total construction area of 12890 square meters. PTH, with its professional design team, first-class production equipment, and efficient production arrangement, completed production in time and arranges professional installation team to local for installation guidance.

Steel Structure Warehouse in India  Steel Structure Warehouse construction in India

Steel Structure Warehouse project in India

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