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15 Characteristics of Steel Frame Building

Perhaps many people still don't know about metal building houses or even heard of them. Simply put, it is a kind of house built like building blocks using steel structure. Regardless of its simple construction process, its performance indicators are not inferior to traditional brick-concrete houses.

Shock resistance

The roofs of low-rise houses are mostly sloped roofs, so most roof structures adopt triangular roof truss systems made of cold-formed steel components. After sealing the structural plates and gypsum boards, the light steel components form a stable slab rib structure system. This structural system has stronger seismic resistance and resistance to horizontal loads and is suitable for areas with seismic intensity above 8 degrees.

Wind resistance

The light steel frame building has lightweight, high strength, good overall rigidity, and strong deformability. The self-weight of the building is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, which can resist 70 meters per second hurricane.


The light steel structure residential structure is all composed of a cold-formed thin-walled steel component system, and the steel frame is made of super anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet. The steel structure residential system can avoid the influence of steel plate corrosion during the fabricating yard and increase the service life of light steel components.

Heat preservation

The thermal insulation materials used in steel structure buildings are mainly glass fiber cotton, which has a better thermal insulation effect. The use of thermal insulation boards on the outer wall can effectively avoid the cold bridge phenomenon of the wall and achieve a better thermal insulation effect. The thermal resistance of 100mm R15 insulation cotton is equivalent to that of a brick wall with a thickness of 1m. The thermal resistance of a 200mm thick composite wall can reach 3.2m2K/W, which is 11 times the thermal resistance of a brick wall of equal thickness.

Sound insulation

The sound insulation effect is an important indicator for evaluating the comfort of a house. The windows installed in the light steel housing system are made of hollow glass, and the sound insulation effect is more than 40 decibels. The wall composed of light steel keel and thermal insulation material gypsum board has a sound insulation effect of up to 60 decibels.

Fire resistance

According to different designs, the fire resistance time can reach 1 to 4 hours. The fire resistance grades of steel frame structure villas can meet the requirements of different building functions. For general buildings, it is sufficient to meet the fire resistance grades 3 and 4. For important buildings, the building can reach Class 1 and Class 2 fire resistance by strengthening the structure (using fire-resistant panels).

steel structure homestay


The steel structure construction site is dry construction, which can reduce waste discharge, and the house structure materials can be 100% recycled, and other accessories can be recycled, too. All building materials are green building materials, meeting the requirements of the ecological environment.


The light steel wall adopts a high-efficiency energy-saving system with a breathing function that can adjust the humidity of the indoor air. The roof has a ventilation function, which can form airflow above the house to ensure internal ventilation and heat dissipation requirements.


All dry work construction, not affected by the environmental season. For a pre engineered metal building of about 300 square meters, only need 5 workers and 30 working days can complete the whole process from the foundation to decoration.

Environmental protection

The steel structure material can be 100% recycled, and most of the other accessories can also be recycled, making it truly green and pollution-free.

Energy saving

Using new materials for heat preservation and heat insulation, the energy required for heating and cooling is 65% more energy-efficient than traditional buildings.

Room rate

Compared with traditional buildings, light-steel integrated houses increase the usable area by 5% to 13%, which can increase the area of almost a study room.

Short construction period

The assembly standardization of steel frame construction residences is simple and quick, which saves a 2/3 construction period compared with traditional structures. The average construction period of traditional brick-concrete houses is 6 months, while light steel villas generally take 40 days, and you can move in within 30 days at the earliest!


The structural components of the steel building construction system can easily realize a variety of complex shapes and can meet the needs of various architectural styles. The high-end and diversified appearance has been widely praised by customers.

Wide range of applications

It adopts a light steel structure frame, lightweight, no additional lifting equipment. At the same time, the foundation load is small and not restricted by geological conditions. Standardized dry operation construction is not affected by weather and seasons, realizing uninterrupted construction throughout the year.

Nowadays, the economy is becoming more and more developed, people's living standards are gradually rising, and the intelligence of technology makes us need less and less labor. It is an inevitable trend to choose environmentally friendly building materials. I hope people have a better understanding of prefabricated buildings and fewer misunderstandings.

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