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  • Top 10 prefab house manufacturers of 2022
    Prefabricated houses have become very popular over the past few decades, and there are now thousands of companies producing these low-cost housing units. They are a good choice if you need an affordable place to live - perhaps temporarily or permanently.
  • Why More And More Steel Structures Are Used for Agricultural Buildings
    There are many reasons why steel structure farms and steel structure pastures are suitable for agricultural buildings. Through years of continuous improvement practices by farmers and ranchers, they have begun to tend to use durable, easy-to-maintain, and high-safety steel structures.
  • Modular Construction Building Container House
    PTH container house projects provides extremely strong, durable and versatile projects making them ideal to be converted into an endless array of practical solutions.
  • The Main Characteristics of The Steel Building Structure
    This blog mainly introduces the characteristics of steel structure, including toughness, good plasticity, heat-resistant, corrosion resistance, mechanization, shock resistance. Click the link to view the detailed introduction.
  • 15 Characteristics of Steel Frame Building
    This article mainly introduces the 15 most important characteristics of steel frame buildings, including but not limited to its seismic resistance, wind resistance, durability, heat preservation, sound insulation, etc.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Steel Frame Houses
    This article mainly introduces some characteristics, advantages and building performance of prefab steel frame buildings. Including but not limited to the origin of steel frame houses, the advantages of light steel house, the introduction of metal frame homes, the comparison of on-site construction, etc.
  • Construction Guidelines for Light Steel Buildings
    Undoubtedly, light steel villas are now a concern of many people, and many people have already enjoyed such a living environment. So what issues should be paid attention to during the construction of steel building houses? Click for more details.
  • Application And Solution of Container House in Worker Camp
    This article is mainly introduces application and solution of container house in worker camp, click for detailed information.
  • Are Residential Steel Buildings Damaged Greatly After Natural Disasters?
    Can residential steel buildings remain intact in the face of natural disasters? What are the advantages compared to traditional concrete brick structure buildings? If you want to know, click on the link, here will tell you everything.
  • Facing Natural Disasters, What Can Light Steel Structure Building Do?
    Changing traditional construction methods, promoting industrial upgrading, reducing construction waste, and protecting the environment have become the most important issues in the current construction industry. In this context, Putian Light Steel Construction has stepped forward.
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